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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary



As required by F.S. 20.315(16), the Department of Corrections has developed recommendations for improving correctional services in the state. Based on accomplishments during the last fiscal year and objectives defined in the department's Strategic Plan, it is recommended that action be taken and/or resources provided to accomplish the following departmental objectives:

  • Reduce the escape rate from major institutions and the rate of felony crimes committed by offenders while in prison.
  • Increase the percentage of single cell housing units commensurate with the increase in violent and disruptive inmates.
  • Conduct formal risk and needs assessments for all offenders sentenced to prison.
  • Conduct formal risk assessments for all offenders placed on Community Control, probation or other community supervision programs.
  • Increase the community supervision capabilities to detect and refer supervised offenders who violate the conditions of their supervision to the sentencing authority for decisions as to commitment to prison.
  • Reduce the recommitment rate for drug offenders who have received treatment.
  • Establish security components in all facilities commensurate with accepted professional standards and mission requirements.
  • Identify and manage Security Threat Groups active in the department's institutions and facilities.
  • Meet at least 75% of identified needs associated with department programs and services based on results of needs assessments.
  • Contribute to the reduction of the recommitment rate of released inmates by providing effective programs, services and work opportunities while they are incarcerated.
  • Implement programs and services which will result in a 15% reduction in the rate of supervised revocations.
  • Expand the work assignments for all inmates available for work.
  • Achieve the level of funding required to accomplish all strategic plan strategies.
  • Compensate correctional officers and other career service employees equitably when compared to state law enforcement officers and staff of other state agencies.
  • Maintain annual personnel turnover at a rate not exceeding 10% in each occupational group.
  • Establish a career development system for employees.
  • Employ a work force which reflects the community in terms of all races, genders and cultures in the available labor market.
  • Increase productivity by implementing continuous quality improvement.
  • Standardize training curricula.
  • Increase development of effective partnerships with private and public agencies.
  • Increase the number of contracts with the private sector to provide prison-based industry programs.
  • Increase employee awareness of agency issues, policies and practices.
  • Increase awareness of media, educators, students, business/civic leaders and the general public of the role and scope of the Department.
  • Increase the Department's capability to retrieve and manage data critical to public safety and departmental cost effectiveness.
  • Implement all needed hardware and software changes to successfully move into the year 2000 and the next millennium.
  • Increase technical support staff for management information systems to adequate levels.
  • Implement according to their projected schedules the innovative technology projects identified in the Information Resources Management Plan.
  • Equip at least 50% of major institutions to receive satellite broadcast programs.
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