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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Region III

Region III

George Denman
Region III Director

Region III Office
400 West Robinson Street,
Suite N-909
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 245-0840
SUNCOM 344-0840
FAX: (407)245-0063
Region III Florida Map George Denman

Division Directors

Administration: Jerry Bayless
Community Corrections: Joseph Hatem
Education and Job Training: James Vallandingham
Executive Services: Susan Yawn
Health Care: Dr. James Johnstone
Security and Institutional Management: Ray McCleese

Total Staff Positions 3,955
Major Institutions 7
Community Correctional Centers 4
Women's Community Correctional Centers 1
Work Camps 3
Probation and Parole Offices 27
Incarcerated Offenders on 6/30/97 8,188
Offenders Under Supervision on 6/30/97 23,077
Inmates Admitted FY 96-97 3,031

CFRC Waves and Images Team
CFRC WAVES AND IMAGES TEAM (l to r): Sylvia Bodison, Les Ryder, Arlene Darby, Dave Suchland, Jeff Manner, Cornita Riley, Mariesa Wilson, Diane Rechtinne, Tangual Parks, and Brad Welliver. Not shown: Colin Schlossman, Sharon Holt.

Accomplishments in FY 1996-97

STERLING SHOWCASE WINNER — The Central Florida Reception Center's "Waves and Images" team set the benchmark for measuring quality with their efforts as the first in the DC to win an "AQP" Regional Showcase competition. As winners, they earned the privilege of competing in the statewide Sterling Award Showcase competition where they were the recipients of the Outstanding Vendor Impact Award.

RISKY BUSINESS — P&P Circuit 5, piloted a program using a risk classification model, which predicts the likelihood an offender will re-offend, technically revoke, or abscond during their term of supervision. The model was developed in conjunction with the National Institute of Justice and uses specific characteristics of the offender to determine probabilities of failure, which then identifies the appropriate level of supervision.

SERVICE TO OUR NATION'S VETERANS — Sumter Correctional Institution developed a partnership with Florida National Cemetery to help enhance the cemetery beautification program by providing inmate labor on a weekly basis to help with grounds maintenance, laying of sod and setting of headstones.

COMMUNITY POLICING — Circuit 18, Community Corrections has partnered with the Seminole County Neighborhood Policing effort, a community-based coalition of private and public resources within Seminole County to provide effective and efficient criminal justice services. This coalition could serve as a national model for neighborhood corrections.

PREPARING INMATES FOR RELEASE — Two Brevard Community College instructors teach a state-sponsored inmate transition program at Brevard CI. This three-week classroom course, which is supplemented by Job Services and other local providers, stresses job seeking skills, goal setting, family relationships, financial stability, cognitive thinking and other vital life skills. Since inception in May 1996, 670 inmates within 60 days of release have successfully completed the program.

RINGING UP SAVINGS — The Regional Business Office is collecting telephone systems that other agencies have outgrown and replaced. These systems are screened, then placed in facilities that need new or additional equipment. This program has saved $180,000 in equipment costs.

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