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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Region V

Region V

Joseph E. Papy
Region V Director

Region V Office
4520 Oakfair Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33610
SUNCOM 542-8555
Region IV Florida Map Picture of Joseph Papy.

Division Directors

Administration: Kermit W. Kerley
Community Corrections: Ike Brown
Education and Job Training: Jimmy Miller
Executive Services: Tammy Raybuck
Health Care: Emil Dameff, M.D.
Security and Institutional Management: G.W. (Bill) Bedingfield

Total Staff Positions4,740
Major Institutions9
Community Correctional Centers8
Women's Community Correctional Centers2
Road Prisons2
Work Camps6
Probation and Parole Offices55
Incarcerated Offenders on 6/30/979,597
Offenders Under Supervision on 6/30/9641,510
Inmates Admitted FY 95-966,238

DC Farmers - Inmates work in the field.
DC FARMERS - Inmates from Avon Park CI's farming program work on a harvest. This particular program produced over 900,000 pounds of produce during the fiscal year.

Accomplishments in 1996-97:

THINKING GLOBALLY — The high tech realm of Star Wars technology is being benchmarked in Circuit 6 through the use of global positioning as a way to enhance community control supervision. The technology provides better surveillance and has improved probation officer response to violations. Partnerships with local law enforcement agencies have been further developed to augment offender apprehension efforts and to keep our Correctional Probation Officers safer.

PARTNERING FOR EDUCATION — Region V is the pilot area for the DC's partnership with Florida Gulf Coast University and St. Petersburg Junior College to provide college degree programs for our staff through distance learning. Numerous staff members have taken courses at a distance through various technologies including video tapes, audio tapes, interactive CD-ROM, and the Internet. Additionally, the partnership has developed several in-service training modules to help meet the needs of Region V staff.

PHARMACY CLUSTERING — The Office of Health Services' idea of clustering pharmacy services has already begun to pay off. The clustering of pharmacy services for five Region V institutions has resulted in a savings of over $300,000 during the first quarter of 1997, and more is expected as the program is fine-tuned.

SAVING MONEY ON OUR PHONE BILLS — By consolidating the Probation and Parole GTE mobile phone billing into one summary account which resulted in volume discounts, the Region V Accounting and Budget staff estimates a savings of about $600 per month for community supervision.

CUTTING COSTS AT THE POST OFFICE — Accounting and Budgeting strikes again with an estimated annual saving of $5,000 in postage by eliminating a postage machine and opting for a service that distributes bulk mail at a $.295 cent rate rather than $.32 cent rate. In addition, ordering postage by phone is expected to save some bucks in time, travel, purchase requests and vouchers.

AVON PARK FARM PROGRAM — During FY 1996-97, Avon Park CI's farming program yielded 904,695 pounds of produce with a profit of $69,559. The vegetables grown were shared with other DC facilities in the area.

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