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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Executive Services

The Bureau of Research and Data Analysis

William D. Bales, Ph.D.
Bureau Chief
(850) 488-1801
SUNCOM 278-1801

The Bureau of Research and Data Analysis is responsible for population projections, offender population analysis, statistical publications, conducting surveys, tracking and analyzing prison inmate and community supervision admissions, releases and daily populations; reporting on county detention facility (jail) populations, legislative bill analysis, research proposal evaluation, and annual report preparation. Some of the publications this bureau produces focus on subjects such as escapes, violent career criminals, recidivism rates, risk classification, surveys, sentencing guidelines and this annual report. To see these reports, visit our website at or call the number above.

Accomplishments in FY 1996-97:

  • Completed coordination of a public opinion survey of 1,002 Floridians and 366 news media representatives to gather baseline data on their knowledge and image of the DC, which resulted in publicity that helped to educate the public and media about their misconceptions about correctional issues;

  • Produced its first Sentencing Guidelines Annual Report;

  • Has made available on the DC website ( a host of reports on topics including recidivism rates, escapes, 85% of time served by inmates, public opinion and other surveys and various offender statistics.
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