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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Security and Institutional Management

Youthful Offenders

Inmates sentenced or classified as youthful offenders are assigned to one of several designated youthful offender facilities.

How is an individual sentenced or classified as a youthful offender?

  • The Court may sentence a person as a youthful offender if the crime was committed prior to his or her twenty-first birthday (F.S. 958.04).

  • The Department of Corrections may classify an inmate as a youthful offender if he or she is 24 years old or under, with a sentence of 10 years or less. Vulnerable inmates who are 19 or under with a sentence of more than 10 years may also be classified as youthful offenders, if their safety would be jeopardized in an adult institution.

  • During FY 96-97, 47 inmates were at some point classified in youthful offender status for protective reasons.

  • Capital or life felons may not be classified or sentenced as youthful offenders.

  • Youthful offenders who are ages 14-18 must be separated from youthful offenders ages 19-24.

(Population on June 30, 1997)
Institution Age Range Custody Population
Indian River CI 18 & below med/min 351
Hillsborough CI 18 & below close/med/min 329
Lancaster CI 19 to 24 med/min 571
Lancaster Work Camp 19 to 24 med/min 266
Brevard CI 19 to 24 close/med/min 892
Brevard Work Camp 19 to 24 med/min 277
Lake City CF 19 to 24 close/med/min 349
Sumter Boot Camp 24 & below med/min 68
Florida CI (females) 24 & below close/med/min 69
Camp Jones Boot Camp (females) 24 & below minimum (opens next FY)
Reception Centers 24 & below close/minimum 401
Community Corr. Centers 24 & below minimum 224
Drug Treatment Centers 24 & below minimum 6
Other     9
TOTAL Youthful Offenders on 6/30/97:     3,812
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