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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Education and Job Training

Bureau of Substance Abuse Treatment

Sherrie Sanders
Bureau Chief
(850) 410-4430
SUNCOM 210-4430

Bureau of Substance Abuse Treatment is responsible for identifying inmates with substance abuse problems and coordinating their treatment based on the severity of their substance abuse problem. This Bureau ensures the integrity of the program through continuous monitoring and evaluation of program implementation and outcomes.

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment Programs are being provided at 42 major institutions, 28 community correctional centers, Levy Forestry Camp, three institutional and seven community drug treatment centers. These programs annually serve up to 18,000 inmates with substance involvement, abuse, or related problems. The program's main objectives are to identify substance abusers, assess the severity of their drug problems, measure their readiness for treatment, and then place them in the most appropriate treatment program. These objectives are accomplished through inmate testing and interviewing at the time they enter reception centers for classification. Offenders assessed as being in need of services are either sent directly to appropriate programming or placed on a waiting list pending availability of such programming.

    Tier I

    Tier I is a 40-hour psycho-educational program specifically designed to break through the individual offender's denial that they have a serious problem and need to make the choice of entering a treatment program while incarcerated.

    Tier II

    This program provides a structured schedule of treatment services (after the inmate's work assignment is completed) that includes a minimum of 20 hours of activities per week, six of which occur in individual, group or family therapeutic sessions. Tier II serves approximately 40 inmates every six months.

    Tier III

    The entire Tier III facility revolves around providing drug treatment services. Inmates are involved in the therapeutic community process 24 hours a day, seven days a week for four months.

    Tier IV

    Tier IV is a full service residential Treatment Community program. This treatment component is twelve months long and is currently provided in male and female institutions, as well as male youthful offender institutions.

    Tier V

    Tier V is designed specifically to provide counseling services to inmates assigned to Community Correctional (Work Release) Centers. This outpatient/aftercare treatment strategy focuses on relapse prevention and supportive therapy.

Accomplishments in 1996-97:

  • Received funding to implement treatment programs for dually diagnosed offenders. The Dual Diagnosis Program is designed to be long-term, specialized treatment for inmates who have a substance abuse problem and a co-occurring mental disorder. The inmate's treatment issues are explored through daily group and individual therapy, psycho-educational, skill development curriculums and a fostered therapeutic environment and structure. Inmates who complete the program are expected to master skills to effectively cope with issues related to both disorders;

  • Was part of the data management CAT team that received a Davis Productivity Award.

Substance Abuse Programs: Openings Available by Facility
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