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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Education and Job Training

Vocational Education Programs
by Institution on June 30, 1997

Vocational Education Programs by Institution on June 30, 1997
Facility/ # Programs Vocational Programs
Apalachee CI (6) Cabinet Making, Auto Collision Repair, Construction Trades Helper, Diesel Engine Mechanic, Turf Equipment Management, Welding
Avon Park CI (7) Auto Technology, Business Administration Operations, Cabinet Making, Electronic Tech., Gas Engine Service Technology, Printing, Welding
Baker CI (5) Cabinet Making, Drafting, Electricity, Masonry Skills, Pipe Trade Technology
Brevard CI (6) Auto Tech., Carpentry, Electronic Tech., DCT, Masonry Skills, Welding
Broward CI* (3) Apparel Design, Business Administration Operations, Commercial Art
Calhoun CI (4) Cabinet Making, Heat/Vent/AC, Pipe Trade Technology, Printing
Century CI (3) Building Repair and Maintenance, Drafting, Masonry Skills
Charlotte CI (2) Environmental Services, Nursery Operations
Columbia CI (2) Business Software Applications, Masonry Skills
Cross City CI (5) Cabinet Making, Auto Collision Repair, Electronic Tech., Electricity, Pipe Trade Tech.
Dade CI (4) Auto Tech., Food/Culinary Arts, Electronic Tech, Upholstery/Furniture Refinishing
DeSoto CI (4) Auto Technology, Gas Engine Service Technology, Masonry Skills, Welding
Florida CI* (5) Apparel Production, Business Administration Operations, Cosmetology, Drafting, Power Sewing Machine Operations
Glades CI (2) Consumer Electronic Repair, Masonry Skills
Hamilton CI (4) Business Software Applications, Cabinet Making, Computer Prog., Masonry Skills
Hardee CI (3) Carpentry, Drafting, Electricity
Hendry CI (4) Business Software Applications, Cabinet Making, Data Entry, Masonry Skills
Hillsborough (3) Building Repair and Maintenance, Foods/Culinary Arts, DCT
Holmes CI (3) Business Administration Operations, Auto Collision Repair, Welding
Indian River CI (4) Building Repair and Maintenance, DCT, Environmental Services, Masonry Skills
Jackson CI (4) Business Software Applications, Drafting, Environmental Services, Heat/Vent/AC
Jefferson CI* (5) Business Administration Operations, DCT, Desktop Publishing, Wastewater/Water Plant Operations
Lake CI (4) Cabinet Making, Gas Engine Service Tech., Wastewater and Water Plant Operations
Lancaster CI (7) Auto Tech., Carpentry, Food/Culinary Arts, DCT, Environmental Services, Gas Engine Service Technology, Printing
Lawtey CI (1) Electricity
Liberty CI (4) Business Software Apps., Electricity, Consumer Electronic Repair, Pipe Trade Tech.
Madison CI (4) Carpentry, Electricity, Shoe Repair, Tile Setting
Marion CI (6) Building Repair and Maintenance, Cabinet Making, Drafting, Gas Engine Service Technology, Wastewater/Water Plant Operations
Martin CI (1) Masonry Skills
Mayo CI (1) Masonry Skills
New River-E (5) Business Admin. Operations, Commercial Driving, Electronic Tech., Printing, Upholstery/Refinish.
New River – W (4) Gas Engine Service Tech., Masonry Skills, Pipe Trade Tech., Welding
Polk CI (6) Auto Technology, Consumer Elect. Repair, Pipe Trade Tech., Sheet Metal, Upholstery/Refinishing, Computer Electronic Tech.
Pompano CCC (1) Auto Technology
Quincy CI (1) Food/Culinary Arts
River Junction CI (1) Auto Technology
Sumter CI (5) Auto Tech., Cabinet Making, Desktop Publishing, Drafting, Masonry Skills
Tomoka CI (1) Masonry Skills
Walton CI (3) Business Software Applications, Cabinet Making, Electronic Technology
Zephyrhills CI (3) Heat/Vent/AC, Nursery Operations, Printing
* Denotes female facility
There are a total of 146 vocational programs at 40 facilities: 37 male and 3 female.
All are located in major institutions (prisons) except for Pompano Community Correctional Center, which is a work release facility.
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