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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Education and Job Training
Bureau of Academic and Special Education

Candace Burch
Bureau Chief
(850) 410-4408
SunCom 210-4408

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The Bureau of Academic and Special Education is responsible for providing adult education programs to inmates. These programs include the Mandatory Literacy Program (MLP), Adult Basic Education (ABE), the General Education Development (GED) program, and Library Services. Duties also include providing special education services to all inmates eligible under federal guidelines; providing Title I services to inmates under the age of 21 for supplemental instruction; providing Even Start, a family literacy program; and locating and training literacy tutors to volunteer their services. Additional emphasis is placed on assisting inmates with their transition into the community by the transition skills curriculum.

Accomplishments in 1997-98

  • Supplemented existing education programs, opened new education programs at several institutions, and held night classes at work camps, all utilizing contract dollars appropriated for one year;
  • Initiated Fixed Capital Outlay projects for renovations and new program space with $2,000,000 in appropriated funds;
  • Initiated literacy programs at 17 sites using contract dollars;
  • Established a new special education site at Dade Correctional Institution upon its conversion to an official Youthful Offender site;
  • Reported 3,071 inmates served in special education; Initiated Phase III of the Special Education Plan and authorized community correctional centers to house special education inmates;
  • The Department awarded or verified 2,279 General Educational Development certificates (GED's), and;
    Chart showing Pretest and Posttest Skills for Reading (5.7 - 6.2), Math (4.9 - 5.6), Language (5.0 - 5.5), Overall Total (5.3-5.7)
  • Increased reading, math and language skills of participating inmates during the fiscal year by an average of four points, which translates to four months gain in grade equivalent scores, with an average of three months of program participation. Inmates were participants in vocational or academic programs. The inmates were given pretests and posttests during the 1997-98 fiscal year in at least one of the three subject areas and at least 3,600 inmates were tested in each area. The accompanying chart shows the gains made from pretest to posttest by grade level during the fiscal year.
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