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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Central Office and Statewide Employee of the Year
William (Bill) D. Bales, Ph.D.
Chief, Bureau of Research and Data Analysis

Bill Bales William (Bill) D. Bales Ph.D. began his service to the department in 1987 as a Population Projection Administrator. In 1991, Dr. Bales became the Chief of what is now called the Bureau of Research and Data Analysis. Through his efforts and those of the Research and Data Analysis team, the DC gained a reputation for producing and utilizing highly credible as well as reliable research and statistics on correctional issues. In the process, Dr. Bales earned a reputation as one of Florida's most respected criminologists by the national research community. He also works closely with state criminal justice agencies such as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and various schools of criminology at colleges and universities throughout Florida. Always a forward thinker, it was under Dr. Bales' leadership that the bureau earned three Davis Productivity Awards, all of which focused on improving data collection and producing timely reports. He is also highly regarded by his staff, who credit him for advocating home-based work (telecommuting) and encouraging flexible work schedules. Dr. Bales is a dedicated family man, volunteering his time with the YMCA Indian Guides and Princesses, as well as coaching children's athletic teams. Dr. Bales, along with Lt. Starling and CPO Kolody, will each receive a $2,000 U.S. Savings Bond.

Correctional Officer of the Year
Lieutenant Stephen W. Starling
New River C.I.

Lt. Starling Correctional Officer Lieutenant Stephen W. Starling, a 12-year DC veteran, has demonstrated an exceptional degree of professionalism and effectiveness in dealing with staff and inmates throughout his career. He continually strives to promote a positive image of the Department of Corrections through his actions at work and in his community. Lt. Starling leads by example, using his imagination to boost staff morale and remain conscious of staff needs. Lt. Starling is a team player, serving on Correctional Action Teams and as a team member representing New River C.I. in the 1997 Secretary's Showcase. Beyond the work place, Lt. Starling is active as an officer of the employee's club. He also volunteers his time with the Union County School Advisory Board, youth sports and the Cub Scouts.

Correctional Probation Officer of the Year
Deborah A. Kolody
057- Leesburg P&P

Deborah Kolody Deborah A. Kolody is a P&P Court Officer for Lake County's five judges. She has over 14 years of service to the Florida Department of Corrections. In addition to being a court officer, she monitors a caseload of 100 administrative probationers; serves as the quality coordinator for her office; and does training for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's instructor technique classes. She builds useful job-related relationships by being an auxiliary police officer with the Fruitland Park Police Department and as a member of the Lake County Posse. She also brings credit to the department through her work with the local speaker's bureau. CPO Kolody is always looking for ways to improve communications between the local judges and the department. One excellent example of this is the "Court Reporter," a newsletter she prepares for judges chronicling DC accomplishments.

Volunteers of the Year

Donald Porter
  Donald Porter - Volunteer of the Year Award, Correctional Institutions  
The Florida Department of Corrections could not manage without the time and talents that hundreds of volunteers provide each day in areas ranging from education to chaplaincy services to library services to self-help groups. Each year we salute two Volunteers of the Year: one who works at a correctional institution and one from a community corrections facility. The 1998 winners are:
  • Donald Porter, Quincy C.I. (Correctional Institutions)
  • Mother Dorris Jones, Bartow Community Correctional Center (Community Corrections)
Donald Porter has worked as an Alcoholics Anonymous volunteer at Quincy CI since 1978. The inmates believe in what A.A. stands for because Mr. Porter is a living witness of the success of the program. Through Mr. Porter's faithful dedication, the A.A. program at Quincy CI is alive and well today.

The regional volunteers of the year for Correctional Institutions are: Rev. Joseph Anderson, Mildred Manrique, Carl Brihn and Max Cleveland. In FY 1997-98, approximately 6,000 new citizens volunteers were recruited and trained for service work in correctional facilities statewide.

Mother Dorris Jones
  Mother Dorris Jones - Volunteer of the Year Award, Community Corrections  
Mother Dorris has been leading Bible studies and providing religious inspiration to those in correctional facilities since 1983. She began volunteering her time at Lakeland Community Correctional Center and remained active throughout the years at Polk CI. Mother Dorris began volunteering at Bartow CCC in 1994, where she remains to this day. Her love for people affects all who come in contact with her, and in appreciation a multi-purpose building at Bartow CCC was renamed in her honor as "Mother Dorris Hall" in 1998.

The regional volunteers of the year for Community Corrections are: Dennis Lane, Billie McCray, Thomas Peterson, and Jack Lobel.

Teacher of the Year
Mary Jean Adams
Avon Park Correctional Institution

Mary Jean Adams "The keystone in my personal teaching philosophy is responsibility. Success is measured by accomplishing goals, and goals should be set by the student under the guidance of a good teacher. If the goals set and time span allowed are unrealistic, it is the teacher's responsibility to create changes to fulfill the goals for success with each student."

Mary Jean Adams teaches Business Administration Operations, a vocational training program which provides marketable skills to her adult inmate students at Avon Park Correctional Institution. Her distinguished teaching career includes 34 years, 22 in Florida and the last 18 with correctional education.

Mrs. Adams' style of teaching exemplifies her passion for education, professionalism, and dedication to helping her students achieve. She is most concerned for her students and their learning, and she expects and accepts only the best from them as they acquire the skills to become self-sufficient and productive citizens when they return to society. Toward that end, Mary Jean embraces cutting-edge technology and business practices in her program philosophy.

Highly regarded by her colleagues, students, and supervisors, Mary Jean Adams is an asset to correctional education, and her students are fortunate to have her as their teacher, mentor, and guide.

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