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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

Assistant Secretary Deputy Assistant Secretary
Marcellas Durham
Assistant Secretary
(850) 487-3865
SunCom 277-3865
Lana Arnold
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(850) 487-2165
SunCom 277-2165

"The Secretary (of the Department of Corrections) shall appoint an Assistant Secretary for Community Corrections responsible for coordination of community alternatives to incarceration." (F.S. 20.315 (3)(f))

The primary purpose of this office is to assist the administration in carrying out its public safety mission regarding quality supervision of offenders (probationers and inmates), helping follow successfully the conditions of supervision and have a successful transition into the community through employment, programs, and support services. The five major functions of this office are: (1) resource acquisition, primarily through the budget process; (2) policy and procedures development; (3) technical assistance to the field staff; (4) monitoring of Community Corrections programs for quality; and (5) evaluation of programs for accountability.

The Bureaus of Community Corrections

Home Sweet Home
  Home Sweet Home - Inmates who live in community correctional centers work in the vicinity. They are minimum custody and must be within two years of release. No sex offenders are eligible.

Collections and Investigations

In addition to supervising offenders, Community Corrections staff perform a number of related duties, including collecting court-ordered payments from offenders, such as victim restitution, court costs and fines, cost of supervision fees, room and board and drug testing fees. Conducting investigations is another large part of a Correctional Probation Officer's job. These types of investigations include pre-sentence and post-sentence, pretrial investigation preliminary reports and pretrial background investigations, violation of probation reports, sentencing guidelines score sheets, transfer and security investigations for prisons and placement, release on own recognizance reports and client management classification.

Payments Collected During FY 1997-98
Total $78,062,829

Chart that shows the payments collected during FY 1997-98.  Cost of Supervision $23,592,056.  Victim Restitution $27,513,467.  Subsistence $8,407,302, Fines and Court Cost $13,210,323.  Transportation and other $5,501,119.

Number of Investigations Conducted
(FY 93-94 to FY 97-98)

Chart that shows the rise in number of investigations conducted from 305,534 in 1993-1994 to 263,714 in 1997-1998.

Payments Collected by Community Corrections Over Five Years
Year Cost of Supervision Victim Restitution Fines and Court Costs Subsistence for PRCs, CCCs* Other** TOTAL
FY 1993-94 $18,930,643 $18,540,461 $9,608,797 --------- --------- $47,079,901
FY 1994-95 $20,662,225 $21,594,033 $10,148,772 --------- --------- $52,405,030
FY 1995-96 $21,845,024 $23,377,325 $10,651,882 --------- --------- $55,874,231
FY 1996-97 $22,489,760 $25,117,706 $11,856,150 $7,794,966 $4,750,273 $72,008,855
FY 1997-98 $23,592,056 $27,513,467 $13,210,323 $8,407,302 $5,501,119 $78,224,267
* Probation and Restitution Centers (PRCs) and Community Correctional Centers (CCCs) collect room and board from offenders under their supervision because they have jobs in the community.
** Community Corrections also collects other costs (crimes compensation, transportation, electronic monitoring, drug testing fees, surcharge and others.)

Earnings from Work Release Inmates
FY 1997-98
Total: $13,502,488

Chart that shows the overwhelming majority of earnings from work release inmates was in the form of Room and Board ($7,835,742) and Personal Expenses ($3,615,972).

Earnings from Offenders in
Probation and Restitution Centers
FY 1997-98
Total: $1,103,571

Graph that shows the overwhelming majority of earnings from offenders in Probation and restitution centers was from Room and Board ($571,560) and Victim Restitution ($247,084).
* Includes only the eight PRC's managed by
the department. Excludes two contract PRC's.

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