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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


There were 163 escapes from all DC facilities during FY 1997-98. The majority (90.8%) were escapes from minimum custody facilities, such as work release centers. 95.1% have been recaptured, and 46.5% of those were recaptured within 24 hours of their escape.

A total of eight inmates escaped from major institutions during FY 1997-98, compared to nine the previous fiscal year. Of the total eight inmates who escaped from major institutions, all eight (100%) were recaptured. For a copy of the Florida Department of Corrections' monthly "Inmate Escape Report," call the Bureau of Research and Data Analysis at (850) 410-4485 or SunCom 210-4485 or see the report online at

Total Inmate Escapes Over 10 Fiscal Years

Chart that shows the decrease in Total inmate escapes from 88-89 (1,540) to 97-98 (163)

Escapes by Month

Chart shows escapes by month.  December and September were the highest with 20 and 18 respectively.  October was the lowest with only 8.

Escapes by Type of Institution
(FY 1997-98)
Type of Institution Escapes by Facilities Recaptures Recaptures Within 24 Hrs.
Major Institutions 8 4.9% 8 100.0% 2 25.0%
Work Camps and Road Prisons 7 4.3% 6 85.7% 3 50.0%
Community Correctional Centers and Drug Treatment Centers 148 90.8% 141 95.3% 67 47.5%
TOTAL 163 100.0% 155 95.1% 72 46.5%

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