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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Secretary's Office
Office of Legislative Planning,
Information, and Communications

Director Kerry Flack
(850) 488-3321
SunCom 278-3321

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The Office of Legislative Planning, Information and Communications, under Director Kerry Flack, is responsible for supervision of Legislative Services, Information Services, Correspondence Control, and Video Productions.

Bureaus and Their 1997-98 Accomplishments

Bureau of Legislative Services
Rhesa Rudolph, Legislative Director
(850) 488-0987, SunCom 278-0987

The Bureau of Legislative Services acts as a clearinghouse for state and federal legislative issues. The office responds to requests for information about the department from federal and state legislators and legislative committees. Prior to the legislative session, a legislative package is prepared in this office and submitted to the Governor and the legislature for consideration. Office staff also coordinates the analyses of all bills filed that affect the operations of the department. During session, staff monitors legislative actions and educates members on the issues that are of importance to the department and its employees. Once new laws are enacted, staff tracks implementation and prepares periodic reports to the Governor and legislature.

  • Accomplishments
    • Tracked, monitored, and analyzed approximately 700 bills and proposals that, if enacted, would have impacted the department.
    • Implemented an automated bill and legislative calendar distribution system, which streamlined information access to departmental staff and reduced administrative costs.
    • Responded to over 100 official legislative inquiries relating to departmental operations and security issues, in addition to responding on a daily basis to requests for information about inmates and offenders.

Bureau of Information Services
Eugene Morris, Bureau Chief
(850) 488-0420, SunCom 278-0420

The Bureau of Information Services is responsible for public education relating to the department's operations and mission goals, and responds to requests for information from state and national media and the general public. Office members provide media training for staff, in conjunction with the issuance of news releases, fact sheets, internal newsletters, and information manuals. This bureau staff also responds to inquiries regarding executions, coordinates media witnesses, and escorts media through the execution process.

  • Accomplishments
        These are some of the weapons confiscated form Florida inmates. See these, an electric chair, and more at the DC's Museum in Tallahassee at 2601 Blair Stone Road.
    • Logged more than 5000 media-generated contacts with the public, law enforcement, educators, and the media. Although the majority of contacts were by telephone, many were through the Internet on the department's page on the World Wide Web.

    • Coordinated the establishment of the department's first-ever sanctioned museum of DC history located in Central Office.

Compass Information Services produces a monthly newsletter,
the Correctional Compass.
See it online at

Video Production Unit
Lee Berger, Unit Director
(850) 488-0420, SunCom 278-0429

The Video Production Unit provides video production services to inform the public, staff and inmates, and to assist in training staff and inmates. Services provided include content development, script writing, video production, videotape editing, video graphics/animation, videotape duplication, and satellite teleconferencing. Facilities include a studio, editing, video graphics/animation, videotape duplication, and satellite teleconferencing. Facilities include a studio, editing/control rom, and audio recording booth. Staff consists of a unit director and a staff producer-director.

  • Accomplishments
    • Produced the program Under the Watchful Eye to inform the public about the role of probation officers. This video continues to be aired with other DC programs on the Sunshine Network.
    • Co-produced and delivered an eight hour teleconference on Prison Gangs (Security Threat Groups) with over 1,000 participants and at a cost of less than $30 per participant.
Correspondence Control
Judith Belcher, Correspondence Control Administrator
(850) 488-7052, SunCom 278-7052

Correspondence Control researches and responds to letters, telephone calls, and electronic mail messages regarding offenders, inmates, and management of the department on behalf of the Governor, the Secretary, the Inspector General, the Assistant Secretaries, and Adult Services. They also assist Legal Services with public record requests.

  • Accomplishments
    • Converted to a new logging and tracking system to capture additional and more comprehensive information for reports and greatly decreasing time spent producing reports for distribution.
    • Began responding to requests via electronic mail. As a result, the number of telephone calls is declining, saving time and money.
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