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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Executive Services
Office of Information Technology

Earl Kellow
Chief Information Officer
(850) 410-4740
SunCom 210-4740

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The Office of Information Technology, under the direction of Chief Information Officer Earl Kellow, is comprised of the following three bureaus and one support section.

The Bureaus of Information Technology

Accomplishments in 1997-98

  • Public Access to Inmate Records on the Internet - The department implemented three new web-based public information services at The web applications provide any one with Internet access the ability to look up information on incarcerated, released, and escaped inmates. In addition to saving valuable staff time, the easy-to-use query capabilities and quality inmate photographs have received praise from law enforcement agencies and the press worldwide as valuable tools for their trade. Currently, information and photographs are available for over 85,000 former and current inmates.
  • Risk Classification - This system provides a way to determine appropriate supervision standards for offenders on probation or parole. This classification will determine how often the offender is seen in the field and in the office. The contact recording portion of the system was implemented statewide last year. The calculator portion of the system has been implemented in eight of the 20 circuits with the remainder to be implemented during the next year.
  • Year 2000 Issues - Work is continuing on system modifications to correctly handle the Year 2000. Modifications and changes have been made to the Cashless Canteen and Reception Processing systems. Conversion of the Offender Based Information System (OBIS) programs and databases is continuing on schedule and will be completed in time for the millennium.
    Web Wizard
      Web Wizard: OIT's Regina Blackstock oversees the DC website.
  • Department Web Page - The department continued to receive commendations for its web site from the public and the industry. It was selected as the Yahoo! Pick of the Week, featured as a Hot Site by USA Today and awarded the Digital Government Award of Excellence by Online Government Magazine. New home pages and links were created to guide the law enforcement community toward the department's new services, including enhanced web applications for releases, inmate population and escapes. Many of these features were also added to the public Internet applications. The new versions include volumes of detailed information and enhanced search capabilities focused on the needs of law enforcement. The new applications are accessible through the Criminal Justice Network (CJNet).
  • Roster Management - This system is used to manage the scheduling of correctional officers in major institutions and to address different staffing requirements and minimize the need for overtime. The system is currently in production at Jefferson and Lancaster CI's. Ten additional sites are being implemented.
  • Direct Computer Access by Criminal Justice Agencies - The department continues to expand computer access to state attorneys, public defenders, police departments, sheriff's offices, county probation, clerks of courts, court administrators, state agencies, and federal agencies.
  • Inspector General System - This system tracks correspondence, grievance, and intelligence information received from field staff and provides the Central Office Inspector General's Office monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc reports. A full search and data analysis capability was also included. The system has been fully implemented in the Region and Central Office Inspector General sites.
  • Mainframe Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) Replacement - The department received an appropriation for mainframe DASD, which is disk storage for the on-line offender information data. Working with the Department of Management Services (DMS), the department used a procurement approach new to the agency. It required the vendors to provide a best and final offer on equipment matching the department's DASD specifications using the DMS state contract. Using this approach, the department was able to acquire the new DASD for less than the amount budgeted.
  • Inmate Records Imaging System - The department issued a competitive bid and subsequently entered into a contract to provide the hardware, software, and integration services required to implement the Inmate Records Imaging System (IRIS). This system will allow Central Office and Parole Commission staff to have access to the inmate's documents quickly and will allow more than one staff member to view the documents simultaneously.
  • Disciplinary Report Tracking - This new system has been designed and developed and is running in pilot mode at five major institutions, including the women's reception center. Statewide implementation is planned for next year.
  • Inmate Risk and Needs - This application will automatically determine an inmate's internal classification using data from dozens of databases. Initial programming was completed and user testing was initiated. The system has been installed at Columbia C.I. and Columbia Work Camp.
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