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1998: The Year of the DC Web

The Corrections website was first brought online in 1995 and in October 1997 it was moved to its permanent home at:, which is a web server operated by the DC. At the time of this move, the website was averaging approximately 350,000 hits from 7,500 visitors each month. After the Inmate Population Search came online in March 1998, traffic increased by 400%. We are now receiving approximately 2.2 million hits from 26,000 visitors each month.


Since its inception, the site has been garnering awards from such household names as Microsoft and YAHOO!. Here is a sampling of awards won in the last year or so: YAHOO! Pick of the Week on May 25, 1998, USA TODAY Hot Site award on April 28, 1998, Lycos TOP 5% rating in February 1998, named Microsoft "Outstanding Justice website" in June 1997, named "an excellent resource" by the Corrections Connection, received the "Digital Government Award of Excellence" on April 27, 1998.

Corrections Offender Network

  • Records of Released Inmates Placed Online in October 1997 (
    The first component of the Corrections Offender Network was made available to the public in October 1997 in response to the Public Safety Information Act of 1997 ( documents/statutes/1997/ch0944/e606__.htm), which required providing the public with information about certain inmates upon release. Victims are now able to track an inmate's release from the comfort of their home or office after receiving a release notification. Law Enforcement agencies are now able to monitor the release of inmates who were committed from, or are returning to, their jurisdiction. The Inmate Release Search allows users to search for released inmates by name, number, sex, race, release type (Lynce Case, Britt Case, and sex offender), release dates, offense type, and by the county to which they are reportedly released. In addition, the department began electronically transmitting color photos, and the supporting data (for both incarcerated and those on probation/parole), to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for inclusion on their website.
  • Records of Inmates in Prison and Inmate Escapees Made Available Online in March 1998
    ( and )
    The Inmate Population Search provides similar search capabilities as the release application and contains current and prior criminal history, current location, and projected release date. The data is updated weekly except for current location and release date, which is updated daily.
    Inmate Online
      Want to look an inmate up online? Go to activeinmates/ inmatesearch.asp. The web-based Corrections Offender Network contains three components: active population, released inmates and escapees. Color photographs and detailed information is available for more than 96,700 inmates.

    The Inmate Population application is the most popular area of our website, averaging over 50,000 visits per month. Reporters have written to say they find this service useful and that it has lessened the number of phone calls required to obtain accurate information. Numerous victims have written to let us know how reassuring it was to be able to monitor release dates. Over 64,000 inmate photographs were processed from over 100 facilities throughout the state, completing three quality assurance reviews, in order to bring the Inmate Population system online.

    The Inmate Escape application lists those who have escaped since January 1990 and are still at large with outstanding warrants. Escape circumstances, color photographs, identifying marks and criminal history is provided. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state can print escape notices directly from our website. Escapee Jessie Hamilton Adams was recaptured in New Orleans after a citizen recognized him from his photograph and tattoos seen on our website.

  • Enhanced Versions Provided to Law Enforcement
    An enhanced version of all three systems was made available to law enforcement agencies through FDLE's CJNet in June 1998. This is a closed network that is only available to law enforcement agencies. The enhancements include identification marks, physical characteristics, work skills, criminal and escape histories.

Most Popular Web Reports

At the end of June 1998 there were more than 60 reports and articles on our website as well as addresses (email and mailing), phone numbers, organizational information, employment information, and other resources. This information totals approximately 900 web pages. The following table shows the most popular reports and articles.

Most Popular Web Reports

All addresses begin with
Number of Visits
Facts and Fallacies facts.html 1,550 1,803 1,346 4,699
Department Press Releases secretary/communications/ press/prindex.html 872 936 684 2,492
Victim Assistance Brochure security/admission/victasst.html 104 864 598 1,566
Title 33, Administrative Code secretary/legal/ch33/ 555 576 383 1,514
1996-1997 Annual Report executive/research/annual/9697/ 547 514 437 1,498
Gangs (online as of June 1998) security/reports/gangs/ N/A N/A 1,188 1,188
Privatization in the FL Dept. of Corrections administrative/reports/privatize/ 527 350 210 1,087
Correctional Compass (monthly newsletter) secretary/communications/ compass/ccindex.html 312 344 278 934
Corrections in Florida: What the public, newsmedia, and DC staff think. (survey) secretary/communications/survey/ 165 382 210 757
T-Building Construction administrative/design/tdorm/stages.html 137 407 159 703

Top Ten Foreign Countries
Visiting our Website

While more than 80 percent of those who visit the DC website are from the United States, there is a surprising amount of interest from other countries. Activity peaks are the result of being "featured" by a foreign country website. The table below shows a steady increase in foreign interest.

Visiting Country
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Total Visits
Canada 54 132 276 169 390 2,935 3,956 29%
Germany 13 64 80 313 534 2,671 3,675 27%
Austria 0 10 14 1,288 402 750 2,464 18%
United Kingdom 14 57 131 53 208 481 944 7%
Australia 5 29 89 64 221 272 680 5%
Denmark 0 20 41 136 94 306 597 4%
Poland 8 12 28 93 57 330 528 4%
Italy 15 15 45 46 80 169 370 3%
New Zealand 0 6 21 23 69 154 273 2%
Ireland 0 8 15 38 65 110 236 2%
Totals 109 353 740 2,223 2,120 8,178 13,723 100%

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