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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections
Bureau of Probation and
Parole Field Services

Larry P. Hamilton
Bureau Chief
(850) 487-2165
SunCom 278-2165
Additional Contact Information
The Bureau of Probation and Parole Field Services is responsible for developing, implementing, revising and monitoring programs in the areas of probation and other field supervision operations, sentencing guidelines, probation and parole databases, court-ordered payments, and sexual offenders/predators. Employees in this bureau are also responsible for developing policy for over 4,000 correctional probation officers and staff. Along with supervising almost 144,000 offenders requiring community supervision, correctional probation officers (CPO's) are required to collect the following fees from offenders, when applicable: cost of supervision fees, victim restitution, and court fines and costs. CPO's are also required to conduct more than 260,000 investigations each year, including pre- and post-sentence investigations and to work closely with other law enforcement agencies in the community to insure the safety of the community.

Accomplishments in 1997-98

Average Caseloads for Correctional
Probation Officers FY 1997-98
Community Control: 25:1
Community Supervision (Includes Probation, Parole, Conditional Release, Other Post Prison Release and Pretrial Intervention.) 78:1
Drug Offender Probation 86:1
  • Implemented a new risk classification system in eight judicial circuits. The new system allows Community Supervision staff to identify and concentrate resources on the offenders who pose the highest risk to the community.
  • Revised, in cooperation with the Bureau of Internal Audit, the management review process to measure better management effectiveness.
  • Continued to audit and maintain a less than three percent error rate statewide on sentencing guidelines score sheet data entry in critical areas.

Community Supervision Populations
June 30,1998
Probation: 103,918
Parole: 2,456
Conditional Release: 3,633
Control Release: 795
Drug Offender Probation: 11,628
Community Control: 13,895
Pretrial Intervention: 8,355
Other: 53
TOTAL: 144,733
Daily Per Diem
FY 1997-98
Probation and Parole $2.68
Offender Release Services $3.91
Community Control I $7.99
Electronic Monitoring $3.91
Pre-Trial Intervention $1.71
Note: The per diem for Electronic Monitoring is in addition to the cost of Community Control I.
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