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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Five Regions

Region I

Region I Office
4610 Highway 90 East
Marianna, FL 32446-3309

(850) 482-9533
SC 789-9533
Fax: (850) 482-9673

Additional Contact Information

Richard G. Kirkland
Richard G. Kirkland
Region I Director
Division Directors:
Gordon Revell
Community Corrections:
Ron Williams
Education and Job Training:
Dr. Merrill Jones
Executive Services:
Morgan Klingmann
Health Care:
Dr. Daniel Cherry
Security and Institutional Management:
Joseph Thompson

Accomplishments in FY 1997-98

Radio Unity
Completed programming almost all DC radio frequencies in Department of Transportation motor vehicles used to supervise inmate work crews, as recommended by Central Office Quality Assurance Review.
Education and Substance Abuse Programs
An increase in educational positions allowed for the expansion of 20 prison education programs and a 25 percent increase in inmate training slots. Implementation of the Dual Diagnosis Program at Jefferson CI and modification of Substance Abuse Treatment program contracts resulted in a 16 percent increase in substance abuse training slots.
Inmates at Work
  Inmates at work: A work squad from Region I clears a road, providing community service and injecting taxpayers dollars back into local communities.
Sterling Performances
Three Quality Teams represented Community Corrections in the Governor's Sterling Quality Showcase hosted in Tallahassee. The Circuit 01 (Pensacola) team, "The Computer Connection," was chosen first runner up.
Corrections Network
Local area networks have increased in Region I from four to 11 in the past fiscal year. Institutions have been installing cable and personal computers for connection to servers at seven sites. With an average of 45 users per institution, 315 users have access to the network so far.
Showcasing Savings
During 1997, each facility showcased a best business practice, which either resulted in cost savings or proposed cost savings for the DC. Those documented cost savings amounted to $327,759.

Total Staff on June 30,1998 (including Central Office) 6,665
Major Institutions 18
Community Correctional Centers 5
Road Prisons 1
Probation and Restitution Centers 2
Forestry/Work Camps 11
Probation and Parole Offices 21
Incarcerated Offenders on June 30, 1998 18,029
Offenders under Supervision on June 30, 1998 15,764
Inmates Admitted FY 1997-98 2,490

Region I Detailed Map

icon Major Institutions icon Treatment Facilities
icon Major Institutions and Work Camps icon Forestry Camps
icon Major Institutions with Annexes or Special Units icon Road Prison and Work Camps
icon Private Facilities icon Community Correctional Centers
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