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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Five Regions

Region II

Region II Office
5700 S.W. 34th Street, Suite 335
Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 955-2035
SC 625-2035
Fax: (352) 955-2054

Additional Contact Information

Joe Petrovsky
J.S. "Joe" Petrovsky
Region II Director
Division Directors:
Jerry Pilcher
Community Corrections:
Tina Hayes
Education and Job Training:
John Furches
Executive Services:
Ralph Moulder
Health Care:
Dr. Rudy Panganiban
Security and Institutional Management:
Greg Drake

Accomplishments in FY 1997-98

F.A.S.T. Talkers
Tomoka CI, in partnership with the 7th Judicial Circuit Court and the Department of Juvenile Justice, hosts Future Alternatives Saturday Team (F.A.S.T.), a court ordered Juvenile Prison Tour and educational awareness program. Contempt of court juveniles and their parents are court ordered to attend F.A.S.T. at Tomoka CI to focus on conditions that precipitate unacceptable behavior and the realities of future consequences. Volunteers from various local agencies counsel with participating juveniles and their parents.
FAST participants
  F.A.S.T. Thinking: Participants in the Future Alternatives Saturday Team (F.A.S.T.) at Tomoka C.I. take a tour of the facility, accompanied by a Correctional Officer.
C.A.T Got Your Savings?
A Corrections Action Team (C.A.T) was formed from the regional staff of the Division of Security and Institutional Management to conduct a cost savings study of the removal of close custody inmates from Putnam CI. Through the use of Quality Management tools and principles, 139 close custody inmates were removed from the facility, reducing the staff by 13 Correctional Officer positions and saving the state $515,662.
Automation Partnership
St. Augustine P&P staff worked with the sheriff, Clerk's office, state attorney's office and circuit judge to develop an automated court order system, which has proven efficient and cost effective.
Locking it Up
Administration staff oversaw specialized training, supplemental funding and continuous monitoring of the lock replacement work in T-cells at Baker, Cross City and Tomoka correctional institutions. They videotaped the lock conversion/cell hardening process and presented it to the Legislature.
By "clustering" services such as staff training and pharmacy services so that several facilities share the same room or service, the DC has been able to reduce staff and the costs.

Total Staff on June 30,1998 7,547
Major Institutions17
Community Correctional Centers6
Drug Treatment Centers1
Forestry/Work Camps 11
Probation and Restitution Centers 1
Probation and Parole Offices30
Incarcerated Offenders on June 30, 199819,541
Offenders under Supervision on June 30, 199819,319
Inmates Admitted FY 1997-982,930

Region II Detailed Map

icon Major Institutions icon Treatment Facilities
icon Major Institutions and Work Camps icon Forestry Camps
icon Major Institutions with Annexes or Special Units icon Road Prison and Work Camps
icon Private Facilities icon Community Correctional Centers
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