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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Five Regions

Region IV

Region IV Office
1400 W. Commercial Blvd.
Second Floor
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

(954) 202-3800
SC 423-3800
Fax: (954) 202-3845

Additional Contact Information

Carl Berry
Carl D. Berry
Region IV Director
Division Directors:
Mark Shupp
Community Corrections:
Joyce Haley
Education and Job Training:
William Topolski
Executive Services:
Teresa A. Baker
Health Care:
Dr. Bertram Hurowitz
Security and Institutional Management:
Gerald Abdul-Wasi

Accomplishments in FY 1997-98

Women in Corrections
Region IV is represented by Joyce Haley, Cecilia Denmark and Colonel Rita Gallo at the Department's Down link Broadcast of the Female Focus Symposium in Tampa on October 20, 1997. This broadcast featured a panel of women experts in corrections and was also available throughout the nation to other corrections and law enforcement agencies.
FOCUS Symposium
  Female FOCUS Symposium: (l to r) Joyce Haley, Cecilia Denmark and Colonel Rita Gallo represent the DC in the second annual Female FOCUS symposium, giving their views on women and corrections.
Taking Charge
Probation and Parole Circuit 17 developed a program with other local Law Enforcement agencies entitled "Take Charge and Move Out" to provide additional surveillance for offenders and more effective utilization of resources. The program has resulted in a net gain to the department of over $300,000.
Farm Share
Staff and Inmates at Dade C.I. participated in a filming of the Farm Share program by Television Station WLNR. The thrust of this documentary served as a public relations bulletin to highlight the use of inmate labor to feed the hungry.
In a Zip
Probation and Parole Circuit 11 designed a system that assigns supervision of cases according to the offender's zip code. This innovative approach has saved over $5,671.20 in officer's time.
Get a Job
South Florida Reception Center developed a transition program for inmates with lengthy sentences that prepares them for release. This program enables the inmate to participate in group therapy and job fairs.
Caring for Kids
Glades Correctional Institution took the lead role in spearheading a "kid print" identification project which involved the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, Bank of Belle Glades, Community Bank and WSWN Radio Station.

Total Staff on June 30,1998 4,298
Major Institutions9
Community Correctional Centers8
Road Prisons2
Drug Treatment Center/ Work Camps3
Probation and Restitution Centers2
Probation and Parole Offices33
Incarcerated Offenders on June 30, 199810,982
Offenders under Supervision on June 30, 199844,305
Inmates Admitted FY 1997-988,001

Region IV Detailed Map

icon Major Institutions icon Treatment Facilities
icon Major Institutions and Work Camps icon Forestry Camps
icon Major Institutions with Annexes or Special Units icon Road Prison and Work Camps
icon Private Facilities icon Community Correctional Centers
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