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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Security & Institutional Management
Bureau of Inmate Classification and Management

Fred Roesel
Bureau Chief
(850) 488-9859
SunCom 278-9859

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   The Bureau of Inmate Classification and Management is responsible for the overall classification system in the department, including the reception of inmates into the department, development of the inmate management plan, appropriate facility assignment, custody assessment and assignment, disciplinary process, monthly gain time awards, work and program assignment, transition planning, coordination with the Immigration and Naturalization Services and the release clearance process. Additional responsibilities include coordination of the Corrections Offender Network and Internet Web Site, managing a caseload of inmates serving Florida sentences in other jurisdictions, and coordination of development of rules, policies, procedures and automation to facilitate classification for the department.

Accomplishments in 1997-98

  • Implementation of the Automated Discipline and Integrated Offender System - ADIOS is an automated on-line inmate discipline system enhancing the present discipline system and making more information available to more people.

  • National Institute of Corrections Grant - The Florida Department of Corrections is one of five states to receive a grant from the NIC to develop an Internal Prison Classification System. The grant includes technical assistance from NIC while developing the system. It features a sophisticated method of assessment and decision making for such issues as work and program assignment, housing, supervision, etc.

  • Expansion of 100-Hour Transition Skills Program - The Release Management Section, in conjunction with the Office of Education and Job Training received a federal life skills grant allowing the department to expand the number of program sites from 8 to 18. Transition Skills facilitators are contracted through the Division of Community Colleges and teach the transition skills curriculum on either a half or full time basis.

  • Implementation of an Internet Corrections Offender Network in partnership with the Office of Information Technology to provide information on all inmates who have been incarcerated and released in the State of Florida as well as those who have escaped
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