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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Program Services

Bureau of Academic
and Special Education

Candace Burch
Bureau Chief
(850) 410-4400
SunCom 210-4400

Additional Contact

Bureau of Academic and Special Education is responsible for providing adult education programs to inmates. These programs include the Mandatory Literacy Program (MLP), Adult Basic Education (ABE), the General Education Development (GED) program, Pre-Release Transition Skills Program, and Library Services. Duties also include providing special education services to all eligible offenders under federal guidelines, providing Title I services to offenders under the age of 21, and administering the EVEN START family services program. This bureau received $4,818,000 in academic and special education grant funding.

FY 1998-99 GED and Vocational Certificates

Types of Award Locations GED
Certificates Awarded
Correctional Institutions 1,728 2,702 4,430
Other DC Facilities* 178 69 247
Non-DC Entities** 157 - 157
Total 2,063 2,771 4,834
* Other DC includes CCC's, work/forestry camps, road prisons, boot camps.
**Non-DC includes contract drug facilities, counties, and other states.

FY 1998-99 Correctional Education Participation

Enrollments* Mandatory
Vocational Total
Number of Courses 6,878 14,228 8,188 29,294
Number of Inmates 6,878 14,228 7,553 28,659 ***
Number of Courses 2,419 2,372 2,746 7,537
Number of Inmates 2,419 2,372 2,414 7,205 ***
Other Exits**        
Number of Courses 5,887 13,695 6,280 25,862
Number of Inmates 5,887 13,695 5,925 25,507 ***
* "Enrollments" includes inmates enrolled as of 7/1/98 and new enrollments through 6/30/99.
** "Completions" and "Other Exits" are from 7/1/98 through 6/30/99.
*** Inmates who participated in Mandatory Literacy, Adult Education and Vocational courses get counted for participation in all three programs
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