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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


The Office of Administration

Bill Thurber

(850) 488-3800
SunCom 278-3800
Jim Biddy
Deputy Director
(850) 488-3800
SunCom 278-3800

Theresa Coker
Deputy Director
(850) 488-3800
SunCom 278-3800

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The Office of Administration is responsible for: providing budget, accounting, and procurement services; construction and maintenance of correctional institutions; feeding of the institutional population along with food production; managing human resources of the department; the design, development and delivery of staff training; the agency's mainframe and personal computer systems; and the department's research and data analysis. The seven new Service Centers are coordinated by this office.

Administration Organization Chart Secretary Michael W. Moore Deputy Secretary Michael D. Wolfe Assistant Secretary for Administration, Bill Thurber Sharon Kraus, Finance and Accounting Jimmy McLeod, General Services Bob Staney, Facilities Services Rhonda Vause, Budget and Management Evaluation Earl Kellow, Information Technology Joel Anderson, Food Services Percy Williams, Personnel Bill Bales, Research and Data Analysis Mike Berg, Staff Development Jim Biddy, Deputy Asst. Sec. for Administration Service Center Directors:  Shawn Baldwin, Ron Kronenberger, Jim Curington, Jerry Pilcher, Jerry Bayless, Richard Prudom, Kermit Kerley Theresa Coker, Deputy Asst. Sec. for Administration
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The Bureaus of Administration

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