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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Community Corrections

The Office of Community Corrections

Tina Hayes
"Tina" Hayes

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Deputy Director
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The Office of Community Corrections assists the administration in carrying out its public safety mission regarding quality of supervision of offenders (probationers and inmates) helping follow successfully the conditions of supervision and have a successful transition into the community through employment, programs, and support services. The major functions of the office are (1) resource acquisition, primarily through the budget process; (2) policy and procedures development; (3) technical assistance to field staff; and (4) evaluation of programs for accountability.

Community Corrections Organizational Chart
Secretary Moore Deputy Secretary Wolfe Regions Field Services Interstate Director Hayes Deputy Director Proto Org Chart Click on the image above or the links below
to learn more about each Bureau.

The Bureaus of Community Corrections

Accomplishments in FY 1998-99

  • Developed screens on the Offender Based Information System (OBIS) to identify and track support staff positions.

  • Assisted several outside agencies (Children and Family Services, Department of Revenue, Office of Statewide Prosecution) in collecting court-ordered obligations and arranging for access to the department's database.

  • Enhanced the offender contact and case note screens to assist officers and supervisors in being more effective in the supervision of offenders.

  • Continues to work with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in the placement of sex offender/predator photographs and information on the FDLE sex offender website.

  • Worked with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) to ensure that sex offenders/predators complied with Senate Bill 1992, which required them to register with DHSMV.

  • Equalized/allocated Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions statewide to coincide with the shifts in the offender population.

  • Worked in conjunction with the Bureau of Information Technology and FDLE to ensure that probation and parole staff were prepared for the conversion to FCIC II, which included training and access to the system. In addition, worked with FDLE in securing additional FCIC access for field staff.

  • Revised the sex offender/predator supervision manual and delivered training to trainers in Ocala (June 1999), who will train specialists supervising sex offenders.

  • Refined the automated POST sentence investigation and began a pilot project in Daytona and Central Florida Reception Center.

  • Began rewriting Community Corrections manual with a goal of September 1, 1999 as a completion date.

  • Began reorganization of the Bureau of Probation and Parole Field Services.

  • Improved efficiency of review process by pre-screening all other states' transfer requests to Florida. Residence and employment plans are screened prior to distribution to field staff for investigation. If the offender does not meet the Interstate Compact criteria, the request is returned to the sending state.

  • Completed procedures for other state offenders detained under the Jimmy Ryce Act, in conjunction with the Office of Institutions, Release Management Unit.

  • Revised Probation and Parole Interstate Manual of Procedures was distributed to field staff.

  • Completed a pilot project to electronically transmit investigations and correspondence to Georgia Parole Interstate, which will eventually result in future saving and efficiencies, as Georgia is Florida's largest interstate customer.

  • Provided 40 hours of specialized training in the supervision of sex offenders to officers supervising that type of case.

  • Continued programs utilizing community supervision offenders to perform community service work throughout the state.

  • Participated in warrant sweeps with law enforcement agencies to apprehend probation violators with outstanding warrants.

  • Developed cooperative relationship with FDLE and local law enforcement in the supervision of sex offenders and sexual predators.

  • Participated in mentoring programs in schools throughout the state.

  • Expanded participation in victim mediation programs in several areas of the state.

  • Increased the utilization of personal computers in field offices and provided greater access to the statewide department intranet.

  • Implemented the Byrne Grant Close Risk Supervision Project to reduce the caseload size of officers supervising close risk offenders.

  • Participated with local law enforcement in community policing operations statewide.

  • Coordinated and completed the annual sex offender/predator residence verification in accordance with federal guidelines.

  • Coordinated the destruction of 5,254 cubic feet of offender files in field offices resulting in a space reduction.

  • Cooperated with staff statewide to ensure the accuracy of the Offender Based Information System.

Number of Investigations Conducted

Investigations Conducted - Rose from 249,265 in 94-95 to 273,902 in 98-99.


Payments Collected During FY 1998-99
Total: $86,619,459*

Payments Collected in 1998-99 FY - Victim Restitution $30,629,002.  Fines and Court Cost $15,205,502.  Subsistence $8,480,675.  Transportation and other court ordered payments $6,634,455.  Cost of Supervision $25,669,825.

* PRIDE distribution from inmates not included
in Community Corrections total.

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