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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Program Services

The Office of Program Services

Richard J. Nimer

(850) 410-4349
SunCom 210-4349
Wilson C. Bell
Deputy Director
(850) 410-4395
SunCom 210-4395

Bernard R. Cohen
Deputy Director
(850) 922-8701
SunCom 292-8701

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The Office of Program Services (OPS) offers a wide array of educational opportunities for offenders, including academic, special and wellness education; vocational training; library, law library, chaplaincy, and substance abuse program services; community-based programs such as the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking system and the Batterer's Intervention Program; specialized institutional services for female and youthful offenders; and placement and workforce development. The OPS also oversees the Foundation for Partnerships in Correctional Excellence and is supported by the Contract Management and Program Planning and Development section. The recent department re-organization moved all programs under one umbrella to provide a seamless and holistic delivery system for offenders to improve outcomes and reduce recidivism. OPS goals for the next five years include: implementation of a seamless delivery system; establishment of five faith-based residential programs inside major institutions; development of a standardized system of substance abuse therapeutic communities; expanding the size and number of drug courts in community corrections; and further use of Global Positioning Satellite tracking systems to provide more protection to the community and assist law enforcement in preventing crimes.

Health Services Organization Chart
Secretary Moore Deputy Secretary Wolfe Director Nimer Deputy Director Bell Deputy Director Cohen Academic and Special Ed. Workforce Development Chaplaincy Substance Abuse Community Programs Specialized Services Org Chart Click on the image above or the links below
to learn more about each Bureau.

The Bureaus of Program Services

Other Program Areas

Accomplishments of Program Services
in FY 1998-99

  • Awarded 2,063 GED's.

  • The accompanying chart shows the educational gains made during the past four fiscal years by inmate participants in vocational or academic programs.

Change in Inmate Literacy Levels -  Increased an average of .5 grade levels from 1995 to 1999.
  • Served 3,590 special education inmates in 27 major institutions and 28 community correctional centers including expansion to Washington and Lake Correctional Institutions.

  • Trained 18 of the 20 judicial circuits on the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system that electronically monitored approximately 120 offenders and allowed an officer to establish areas to which an offender is confined.

  • Revised the operational plan for female offenders and completed the "Working with the Female Offender" curriculum.

  • Established a state-of-the-art Center of Automotive/Autotronics at two youthful offenders facilities with cooperation from the University of South Florida's Center for High Technology Development and secured a federal grant to establish pre-apprenticeship program for offenders up to age 25.

  • Implemented two therapeutic community programs, totaling 120 beds, for inmates with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders - one program at Zephyrhills C.I. (male) and one program at Broward C.I. (female). In FY 98-99, there were more than 17,500 service delivery episodes for in-prison offenders with substance involvement, abuse, dependence or related problems. Additionally, there were 31,694 treatment episodes for offenders under the supervision of the department in non-secure, secure, and outpatient programs.

  • Awarded a five-year, $9.1 million U.S. Department of Education STAR Schools grant with Washington State, Department of Corrections and the STEP Star Learning Network as partners.

  • Converted the monthly Religion Report (DC88) directly onto the database; and conducted Prison Fellowship's "Starting Line" Training in Region V; and Families of Children and Adults Under Stress (FOCAUS) Workshops for female offenders.

  • Supported chaplaincy and education programs through grant funding for literacy, apprenticeship, and faith-based programs including a pilot residential faith-based program.
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