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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Secretary's Office

Office of Executive Affairs

The Office of Executive Affairs, under Director Peggy Ball, is responsible for supervision of The Bureau of Legislative Affairs, the Bureau of Public Affairs, the Victim Assistance Office and the Office of Family Services.

Peggy Ball
(850) 488-7860
SunCom 278-7860



Bureau of Public Affairs

C.J. Drake, Director
(850) 488-0420, SunCom 278-0420

The Bureau of Public Affairs is responsible for educating the public about the mission, goals and operations of the department. Public Affairs staff respond to requests for information from state and national media, as well as the general public. The Video Production Unit of the Office of Public Affairs produces video materials to assist in staff training and education of the general public. In addition, the office works closely with the webmaster to ensure that the departmental web site includes the latest news and information regarding issues of importance to the public.

Bureau of Legislative Affairs

Fran Brooks, Director
(850) 488-7436, SunCom 278-7436

The Bureau of Legislative Affairs acts as a clearinghouse for state and federal legislative issues. The office responds to requests for information about the department from federal and state legislators and legislative committees. Prior to the legislative session, a legislative package is prepared in this office and submitted to the Governor and the legislature for consideration. Office staff also coordinate the analysis of all bills filed that affect the operations of the department. During the legislative session, staff monitor legislative actions and educate members on the issues that are of importance to the department and its employees. Once new laws are enacted, staff track implementation and prepare periodic reports to the Governor and legislature.

Victim Assistance Office

Mark Lazarus, Administrator
(850) 488-9166, SunCom 278-9166

The Victim Assistance Office is responsible for notifying victims of crime within six months prior to an inmate's release. This is accomplished by reviewing all inmate files prior to an inmate's release. This office also is responsible for notifying the Chief Judge, State Attorney and Sheriff within six months prior to the release of all inmates who were sentenced within their jurisdiction. The Victim Assistance Office also maintains the Court Ordered Payments System database for offenders who are in custody and earning money working for PRIDE through the Community Work Release Program. This office provides additional services to victims of crime.

Office of Family Services

Sylvia Williams, Family Ombudsman
(850) 410-4243, SunCom 210-4243

The Office of Family Services is responsibile for improving the communication between families, their incarcerated loved ones, and the department. Accordingly, the Family Ombudsman acts as a liaison between families and the department, ensuring that complaints related to transfers, medical conditions, physical abuse and other general concerns are analyzed, evaluated, and handled according to department procedures and applicable rules and statutes. The Family Ombudsman supervises the Correspondence Control Unit, coordinates with the Bureau of Legislative Affairs and Bureau of Public Affairs regarding family issues, makes recommendations to executive staff regarding family issues, and monitors institutional visitation.

Office of Family Ombudsman Poster

Accomplishments in FY 1998-99

  • Increased emphasis on victims and families by moving both functions directly under the Office of the Secretary. Also created the position of Family Ombudsman.
  • Began implementing a major realignment of department's functions and moving toward a more decentralized management by forcing resources down to the institutions and field.
  • Assisted the Governor's Office in production of media campaign for 10-20-Life and 3 Strikes Violent Felony campaign.
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