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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Secretary's Office

Office of Inspector General

Inspector General Fred Schuknecht
Inspector General
(850) 488-9265
SunCom 278-9265


The Office of the Inspector General, under the direction of Inspector General Fred Schuknecht, is responsible for criminal and internal affairs investigations, operational reviews, internal audits and safety and risk management programs. These functions are carried out within the Bureau of State Investigations and the Bureau of Internal Audit.


Bureau of State Investigations

Edward Sobach, Chief Inspector
(850) 488-2102, SunCom 278-2102

The Bureau of State Investigations directs a network of state-certified inspectors who conduct criminal, administrative and internal affairs investigations at prisons, work release centers and other department facilities throughout the state. Criminal findings are presented to State Attorney's Offices for prosecution. Administrative and internal affairs investigations are referred to department management for appropriate follow-up action. The Bureau's Interdiction Unit conducts contraband interdiction operations at various field locations. The bureau also oversees a Safety and Risk Management Unit that conducts inspections and training to make job sites safer for staff, inmates and visitors.

Bureau of Internal Audit

Jerry Chesnutt, Bureau Chief
(850) 410-4271, SunCom 210-4271

The Bureau of Internal Audit oversees two distinct work units. The Operational Review Section coordinates reviews encompassing all major work functions at more than 100 field locations statewide. These reviews enhance accountability and compliance with executive, legislative and agency mandates affecting prisons, probation offices and work release centers. Review results are compiled in a central database, which provides an independent risk-based appraisal of department activities by conducting highly focused compliance and performance audits of selected systems and programs. Audits are conducted using standards published by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Accomplishments in FY 1998-99

Bureau of State Investigations
  • Realigned Institutional Inspectors under the Office of Inspector General. All investigations, both criminal and administrative, are now conducted by staff assigned to the Inspector General's Office, thus ensuring the integrity and consistency of the investigative process.
  • Signed memorandum of understanding with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for investigative involvement and forensic assistance in the following types of cases: homicides, suicides and other significant incidents occurring on department property.
  • Received 14,278 reports of incidents during FY 98-99. Of those incidents, the bureau assigned 2,693 official investigations, completed 2,567 and forwarded 420 of its completed investigations to State Attorney's Offices for criminal prosecution.
  • Working in cooperation with the Florida Highway Patrol, the Interdiction Unit conducted 80 contraband operations, up 32 percent over the previous year due to the availability of a second drug detection system.

Bureau of Internal Audit
  • Coordinated operational reviews at 26 prisons during FY 98-99. Review teams identified 2,396 incidents of non-compliance with department requirements in areas such as prison security, food service operations, personnel procedures, workplace safety, fiscal management and health services.
  • Completed 14 audits during FY 98-99, including audits of statewide purchasing practices, architectural and engineering contracts, pharmacy inventory controls and bank fund management.
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