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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Office of Community Corrections

The office of community corrections is responsible for all offenders placed on community supervision or released under supervision following a period of incarceration. 2,591 certified officers supervise 149,470 active cases, regularly visiting the offenders in their homes, at work and in the community. Correctional probation officers also perform unannounced visits to ensure house arrest cases are confined to their residence or other designated locations at all times.

Correctional Probation Officer
Correctional Probation Officers
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This year, we increased our emphasis on night and weekend supervision and surveillance. Through partnership with law enforcement agencies throughout the state, greater awareness of offender activities was achieved. Partnerships include ride-alongs, intelligence briefings, and the sharing of information concerning offenders under supervision.

Additional efforts are made to notify law enforcement when warrants for violation of supervision are issued with particular emphasis on high-risk offenders. Partnerships include the Recidivist Intervention Program, and the Selective Criminal Apprehension Monitoring Program with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. This year, federal funding was received to implement "Breaking the Cycle," a significant project emphasizing early intervention.

In Orlando we work closely with the Orange County Sheriff's Office felony unit to provide surveillance and assistance in apprehension of the most dangerous felony offenders.

In Miami the department assists the security threat group working against gang activities. Other projects have included the development of a community engagement model that trains the community to identify and accept responsibility for its problems, working in partnership with government agencies.

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