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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Office of Institutions

Correctional Officer
Correctional Officers
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The office of institutions oversees officers and staff who supervise 71,233 incarcerated felons in four institutional regions. This office supervises the operations and management of all prisons, work camps, forestry camps and work release centers. Additional security enhancements include improved radio communication, fencing, locks, and video cameras. This year, the department's rate of escapes dropped 49 percent.

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We ensure that inmates work or study. Last year, 81 percent of inmates were at work or in class (a substance abuse program, vocational or adult education). The remaining 19 percent were medically unable to work, participating in reception and orientation, or assigned to a disciplinary work squad as a result of a rule infraction, assigned to a restricted labor squad or were in some type of special confinement for management purposes, including death row. Inmate labor cultivates and prepares food, constructs prisons, supports and maintains the operation of prisons, serves meals, does laundry and janitorial work. In addition, work squads support other government agencies and community projects. DOT work squads performed over two million hours of work valued at $14.9 million. Public works and community services work squads provided 3.7 million hours of free labor at a value of more than $38 million.

Danger: Lives
on the Line

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The bureau of classification maintains inmate files and records containing information including custody status, disciplinary history, gain time and release dates.

The transportation section oversees more than 100,000 inmates' movements annually, including reception, release, transfers, temporary evacuation and housing. Emergencies like forest fires and hurricanes require mass movement of inmates.

The sentence structure section audits commitment documents and is responsible for the accuracy of release dates and the fulfillment of all statutory requirements. This section prepares affidavits and testimony for court proceedings, responds to grievances, and acts as liaison with FDLE to ensure statutory requirements of sexual predator registrations and submission of DNA samples.

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