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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Department Recommendations for
Future Initiatives

(required by Florida Statute for inclusion in annual report)

  • Amend F.S. 944.31 to give the secretary authority to designate inspectors within the office of the inspector general as sworn law enforcement officers. This would streamline the department's criminal investigations by not having to rely on outside law enforcement agencies, particularly in the area of making arrests.

  • Amend F.S. 943.13 to allow basic recruits training competencies to address separate and specific job tasks and responsibilities of officers within the department. This would aid in the retention of officers, thereby reducing training costs.

  • Seek legislation making it a third degree felony to throw, toss or expel certain fluids or waste on correctional employees.

  • Amend F.S. 945.215 to allow for the purchase of individual and team activity equipment (excluding weights) from the inmate welfare trust fund. This would enhance the safe operation of institutions and the orderly management of inmates.

  • Develop a model to determine future fixed capital outlay and operational needs, as related to population increases, based on custody level and housing requirements.

  • Standardize and improve the reception and intake process statewide.

  • The department will computerize a maintenance/preventive maintenance program at each institution and service center that will increase productivity, track work orders, reduce paperwork, and reduce equipment replacement costs.

  • Contribute to the reduction of recidivism through the expansion of faith-based programs and the increased use of religious volunteers in all areas of the institution including confinement.

  • Expand the work assignments for all inmates available for work.

  • Implement farmworker housing initiative.

  • Contribute to the reduction of the recommitment rate of released offenders by providing effective education programs, drug treatment services, and job training opportunities while they are incarcerated.

  • Develop procedure to encourage inmate accountability by allowing inmates to earn privileges based upon good behavior.

  • Continue to standardize operations system wide.

  • Expand use of electronic classroom.

  • Transfer pre-trial intervention and sentencing guidelines functions to the courts.

  • Issue competitive contracts for delivery of food services system wide.

  • Monitor the health services contracts implemented in Region IV during fiscal year 2000-01 to ensure that inmates receive the required level of care. Further competitive contracting will depend on the department's assessment of the Region IV effort.

  • Identify other areas of service for competitive contracting.

  • Implement plan for developmentally disabled inmates to ensure that they receive protection within the system, appropriate programming opportunities and assistance in development of a release plan.

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