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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Explanation of Strategic Plan Format

The Department of Corrections Strategic Management Plan contains five issues believed to be essential to the successful achievement of strategic goals and objectives. Strategic Management Issue 1 (SMI 1) concerns the acquisition of resources supplemental to appropriated funds for department programs. SMI 2 relates to increasing department productivity through use of continuous quality improvement principles. SMI 3 focuses on developing effective partnerships to further mission accomplishment. SMI 4 addresses improvement of both internal and external communications. SMI 5 concerns the efficient use of innovative technology.

A goal is stated for each strategic management issue that indicates the desired outcome regarding the issue.

Key Indicators:
A set of key indicators precedes the discussion of each issue. Data collected concerning these indicators provides a means to assess progress toward the issue goals.

Objectives and Strategies:
Following the discussion of significant integral topics under each issue an objective is established toward which efforts in the strategic management area are directed. Where possible, these objectives are dated and quantifiable. They provide milestones to be reached in pursuing achievement in the issue area. Specific strategies describe the approaches to be used to ensure necessary actions are taken toward accomplishment of their objectives.

The Strategic Management Plan includes:

Appendix 1, which consists of a matrix identifying department activities related to State Comprehensive Plan (SCP) goals and policies that are not covered in the Agency Strategic Plan.

Numbering System
The system for enumerating Strategic Management Plan issues, objectives and strategies is as follows: Issues are enumerated by an Arabic numeral followed by a dash. Objectives are enumerated by an arabic numeral after the dash. Strategies are lettered alphabetically after the objective numeral. Thus, the second strategy under the second objective for Strategic Management Issue 2 would be identified as: 2-2B.

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