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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Appendix 5:

Statutory Authorities and Bibliography

The following Florida Statutes, Administrative Regulations, Rules and Contracts govern operations of the Florida Department of Corrections: FLORIDA STATUTES
20.315 Created a Department of Corrections
110.105 Employment Policy of the State
110.205 Career Service Exemptions - Exempt position
186.022 State Agency Functional Plans: Consistency with State Comprehensive Plan
187.201 State Comprehensive Plan 229.565(3) Educational Evaluation Procedure Education Evaluation
252 Emergency Management
253.025 Acquisition of State Lands
273.02 Record and Inventory of Certain Property
284.50 Loss Prevention Program; Safety Coordinators; Interagency Advisory Council on Loss Prevention; Employee Recognition Program
364.510 Distance Learning Network
397.305 Provide Substance Abuse Treatment
403 Environmental Control
440.56 Safety Rules and Provisions; Penalty
442 Occupational Health and Safety
447.203 (2) Definitions of "Public Employees"
633.085 Inspections of State Buildings and Premises: Tests of Fire Safety Equipment; Building Plans to be Approved
775.084 Violent Career criminals
775.089 Court Order to Collect and Dispense Restitution
784.07 Assaults by Prisoners
874.03 Criminal Street Gang member
794.011 Sexual Battery
921 Sentence
943.03 Department of Law Enforcement
944.012 Legislative Intent
944.012(5) Authority to Coordinate with Various Agencies
944.023 Comprehensive Correctional Master Plan
944.26 Community-Based Facilities and Programs
944.33 Community Correctional Centers
944.053 Public Works Projects
944.08 Commitment to Custody of Department: Venue of Institutions
944.09 Rules of the Department: Offenders, Probationers and Parolees
944.10 Department of Corrections to Provide Buildings
944.105 Contractual Arrangements with Private Entities for Operation and Maintenance of Correctional Facilities and Supervision of Inmates
944.11 Department to adopt Rules as to Admission of Books
944.1905 Initial Inmate Classification: Inmate Reclassification
944.291 Prisoner released by reason of gain-time allowances or attainment of provisional release date
944.704 Transition Programs
944.705 Release Orientation Program
944.707 Post Release Support Services
944.801 Education for State Prisoners
945.04 Maximize Use of Inmate Labor
945.091 Extension of the Limits of Confinement: Restitution by Employed Inmates
945.092 Limits on Work Release
945.12 Transfers for Rehabilitative Treatment
945.41 Legislative Intent of Section 945.40945.49 Corrections Mental Health Act
945.49 Operation and Administration
945.71-73 Boot Camps - Training
946 Inmate Labor and Correctional Work Programs
947.146 Control Release Authority
948 Probation and Community Control
948.01 When Court May Place Defendant on Probation or into Community Control
948.03 Terms and Conditions of Probation or Community Control
948.50 Community Corrections Partnership Act
949.07 Compacts with Other States
949.09 Short Title: Section 949.07-949.08 Uniform Law for Out-of-State Probation and Parole Supervision
957.03 Correctional Privatization Commission
957.04 Contract Requirements
957.07 Cost Saving Requirements
958.04 Judicial Disposition of Youthful Offenders


33-1 Definitions, Responsibilities, Organization and Public Information
33-2 Inspections and Investigations
33-3 Operation of Institutions
33-4 Personnel
33-5 Visitors
33-6 Reception, Classification, Transfer and Records
33-7 Local Transfer, Temporary Release and Discharge Procedures
33-8 County and Municipal Detention Facilities
33-9 Extension of the Limits of Confinement
33-11 Modification of Sentences
33-12 Notice of Proceedings and Proposed Rules
33-14 Procedures for Contracting for Professional Services
33-15 News Media Access Following Issuance of Death Warrants
33-19 Health Services
33-20 Miscellaneous Provisions
33-21 Interstate Cooperation
33-22 Inmate Discipline
33-23 Corrections Mental Health Facilities
33-24 Probation and Parole Services
33-25 Staff Development
33-26 Staff Housing
33-27 Basic Training Program for Youthful Offenders
33-29 Inmate Grievance Procedure
33-30 Food Services
33-31 Utilization of Minority Business Enterprises
33-32 Construction and Operation of Private Correctional Facilities
33-35 Community Corrections Partnership
33-36 Indexing of Final Agency Orders
33-37 Substance Abuse Programs


1.01.02 Inter and Intra Governmental Cooperation
2.02.34 Industrial/Fire Safety, Loss, Control and Prevention
3.01.01 The Processing of Inmates' Impounded Personal Property
2.01.01 Inmate Personal Property
3.04.07 Contraband
3.04.11 Inmate Package Permits
4.07.32 Probation and Restitution Centers

Department of Corrections/Department of Labor Employment Security Contractual Agreement for Services, 1985 for Services Under Item 316 of the 1981-89 State of Florida Appropriations Act.

DER Rules 17-2 and 17-712 FAC Biohazardous Waste Disposal
DHRS Rule 10D-104 FAC

Americans with Disabilities Act
Criminal Justice Estimating Conference (CJEC) Reports
Department of Community Affairs Directives
Department of Corrections Annual Report 1996-97
Department of Corrections Strategic Information Systems Plan 1990 (Anderson Report)
Department of Corrections Environmental Health Services Manual July 1980
Governor's Commission For Government By The People December 1991
Health Services Bulletin 15.13.01
Health Services Bulletin 15.03.13
Health Services Bulletin 15.03.05
Health Services Bulletin 15.03.24
National Council on Crime & Delinquency: Evaluation of the Florida Community Control Program 1987
National Probation and Parole Association and The President's Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice
Parole & Probation Staff Safety Task Force Report
Personnel Procedures Manual, Vol. 3, Chapters 3 & 5
State of Florida, Department of Corrections Strategic Information Systems Plan
State Strategic Plan for Information Resource Management: Fiscal Years 1995-1999


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  2. "Community Work Squads Earnings and Value Added/Cost Savings Report," Dated June 30, 1997, Program Services, Department of Corrections.
  3. Correctional Education School; Authority Annual Report FY 1993-94 and Paradox Special Education Database, Department of Corrections.
  4. Correctional Education School Authority, Based On Pre and Post Testing Sample Taken During the Period of July - December 1994.
  5. Correctional Education Status Report, July 1, 1994 - June 1, 1995.
  6. Corrections Yearbook 1994, Criminal Justice Institute, Inc., New York.
  7. Department of Corrections Affirmative Action Plan, FY 1994-95.
  8. Evelyn Gort Career Criminal Act, Chapter 98-152, Laws of Florida.
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  11. Governor's Sterling Award Application Manual.
  12. Governor's Sterling Award Manual, 1994
  13. Inmate Escape Report, FY 1996-1997, Bureau of Research and Data Analysis, Department of Corrections.
  14. "Minority Business Enterprise Program Final Report, FY 1993-94," Pinky Douglas-Moore, Bureau of General Services, Department of Corrections.
  15. Recidivism Rates of Inmates Released from Florida's Prisons, June 30, 1997, Department of Corrections.
  16. State Strategic Plan for Information Resource Management: FY 1995-99, Information Resource Commission, State of Florida, January 1994.
  17. "Strategic Planning at the Florida Department of Corrections: An Assessment Four Years into the Program," C. James Juang & Frances S. Berry, PhD, The Florida State University, July 1995.
  18. "Tier Program Outcome Evaluation: A Recommitment Study," Bureau of Planning, Research and Statistics, Department of Corrections.
  19. USA and Florida Department of Corrections Agreement, 5/19/92.
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