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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Issue 1

  1. Criminal Justice Estimating Conference, July 2, 1996.

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  3. Chronology of changes directly affecting the prison environment:
    • Basic Gain Time eliminated for inmates with offenses dates after 7/1/94
    • Provision Release Credits and Administrative Gain Time rescinded
    • Control Release program eliminated
    • Requirement for inmates to pay "medical co-payments"
    • Inmate Trust Fund changes restricted expenditures for recreational equipment, such as purchases of televisions
    • Sentencing guidelines strengthened leading to mandated incarceration for some offenders who previously would have received a community sanction
    • STOP and Gort laws mandate inmates with offenses on or after 10/1/95 must serve 85% of their imposed term
    • "Chain gangs" initiated
    • Mandatory drawing of blood sample for DNA testing for inmates with selected crimes.
    • Inmate package permits eliminated in January 1996
    • Gain time award matrix reduced for all inmates effective May 1996
    • Strict provisions for controlling personal inmate property

  4. Table:

    Custody Classification by Type
    Custody ClassificationAdult MaleAdult FemaleYouth Male Youth Female

  5. Table:

    Supervised Offenders by Risk Classification
    Risk ClassificationAdult MaleAdult FemaleYouth MaleYouth Female
    Basic Risk34.9%57.7%13.4%32.8%
    Enhanced Risk22.2%16.2%38.9%42.0%
    Intensive Risk11.9%9.4%23.4%10.3%
    Close Risk19.6%6.1%10.5%5.4%

  6. Table:

    Offenders in Community Facilities By Type of Facility
    Type of FacilityAdult MaleAdult FemaleYouth MaleYouth Female
    Community Correctional Center1,9681971998
    Probation & Restitution Center1775119819
    Sec Residential Drug Trtmnt Center30081182106
    Non-Sec. Residential Drug Treatment Center1,00332120428

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  12. Baseline Turnover Rates for Representative Occupational Groups.

    Occupational Group1996 Turnover Rate
    Correctional Officer (8003)51%
    Correctional Probation Officer (8036) 15%
    Correctional Services Administrator (8058) 17%
    Accountant II (1430) 30%
    Academic Teachers (8084) 15%

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