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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Explanation of Strategic Plan Format

The Department of Corrections Strategic Plan contains two critical issues addressing what are believed to be public concerns for safety and offender reparation. Issue 1, concerning public safety, is an external issue focusing on the department's mission. Issue 2, related to recidivism reduction and offender programs, is both an external and internal issue due to the impact of some of the strategies on internal operations as well as program delivery. The discussion of each issue begins with a general statement of the scope of the issue. The issue statement is followed by an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

Key Indicators:
A set of key indicators precedes the remaining discussion of each issue. Most of these key indicators reflect performance measures associated with the department's Performance-Based Program Budgeting approved programs. Data collected concerning these indicators provides a means to assess progress toward objectives.

Issue topics and goals:
Each issue is further divided by a series of topics, the context of which is explained by a condition description that provides sufficient background information and trend analysis for the reader to become familiar with the topic. Accompanying goal statements indicate the general thrust of department activities regarding each topic.

Objectives and Strategies:
At the conclusion of each topic's condition statement, objectives and strategies related to the topic are listed. Where possible, these dated, quantifiable objectives provide milestones to be reached, in pursuit of the topic goal. The objectives are related to the approved Performance Based Program Budgeting (PBPB) programs of the department. The PBPB programs are identified in parentheses following each objective. Specific strategic-level strategies describe the approaches to be used to ensure necessary actions are taken toward accomplishment of their related objective. Also following each objective is a projection table containing estimates of the incremental changes to be accomplished relative to the objective. References to Performance Based Program Budgeting programs are contained in parentheses after each objective where applicable.

The Strategic Plan includes seven appendices. They are:
  • Appendix 1, which explains significant modifications to the Agency Strategic Plan for 1997-2002.
  • Appendix 2, which consists of a reference matrix of ASP objectives and strategies, agency programs, and associated outcomes and outputs.
  • Appendix 3, which consists of a matrix identifying State Comprehensive Plan (SCP) goals and policies related to the department's Strategic Plan Issues. The appendix also contains information concerning SCP goals and policies not addressed in the department's priority issues, but which are being addressed as significant actions.
  • Appendix 4, which consists of a matrix that relates ASP goals and objectives to constitutional and/or statutorial authority.
  • Appendix 5 lists the statutes which constitute legislative authority for the department to address each priority issue included in the Strategic Plan. The bibliography called for in the instructions for strategic planning issued by the Executive Office of the Governor also is found in this appendix.
  • Appendix 6, which provides a summarized version of the department's Five-Year Plan for Prison Construction. These data are included as a requirement formerly reported in the Comprehensive Correctional Master Plan.
  • Appendix 7, which indicates where significant information technology will be used in the two central issues.

Strategic Plan Numbering System:
The system for enumerating strategic plan issues, goals objectives and strategies is as follows: issues are identified by an arabic numeral. Goals are enumerated by an arabic numeral separated from the issue number by a dash. Objectives are identified by an arabic numeral separated from the goal number by a period. Strategies are lettered alphabetically under each objective. Thus, the second strategy under the second objective under the second goal under the second priority issue would be identified as: 2-2.2b.
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