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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

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Managing the Future

The Florida Department of Corrections
Strategic Plan

with Strategic Management Plan Addendum

January 30, 1998
Harry K. Singletary, Jr. Secretary

Table of Contents

Explanation of Strategic Plan Format
Vision, Values, Mission
Executive Summary

Issue 1: (External) - Ensuring Public Safety by Effective Custody and Supervision of Offenders
  • Issue Description
  • Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

      Goal 1-1: To properly assess, classify and place inmates and offenders according to their risk and needs.

      • Inmate classification:
      • Community Supervision Classification
      • Client Management Classification for Community Control and Probation and Restitution Center Offenders

      Goal 1-2: Construct, operate, and maintain sufficient and appropriate prison capacity.

      Goal 1-3: Operate safe and secure institutions and minimize disruptions in correctional facilities.

      • Control of Disruptive inmates and protection of staff
      • Improved institutional security

      Goal 1-4: To provide sufficient numbers of qualified correctional and probation staff to achieve effective and efficient custody and supervision of sentenced offenders.

      • Employee recruitment and retention
Issue 2: (External/Internal) - Programs Contributing to Recidivism Prevention
  • Issue Description
  • SWOT Analysis
  • An Analysis of Recidivism

    Goal 2-1: To contribute to recidivism reduction by providing educational and vocational programs, and related services that maximize offenders' functional skills in order to aid in their societal and institutional adjustment.

    • Education and Job Training
    • Programs for Special needs inmates

    Goal 2-2: To provide effective basic health care treatment to inmates that reduces the potential spread of disease by unhealthy inmates inside the institution and those inmates scheduled for release.

    • Health services
    • Wellness Education Program

    Goal 2-3: To contribute to recidivism reduction by providing institutional and community based drug treatment programs and other services that aid offenders in the avoidance of substance abuse and their successful reintegration into the community.

    • Correctional drug treatment programs
    • Intermediate sanctions, services, intervention and treatment programs

    Goal 2-4: To provide inmates the opportunity to discover and express their religious faith while incarcerated and to aid them spiritually and practically to turn away from their criminal lifestyles.

    • Chaplaincy programs
    • Citizen volunteers

    Goal 2-5: To place inmates in work assignments that produce substantive results, reduce inmate idleness and provide opportunities to improve working skills.

    • Inmate work assignments and opportunities
    • Value of inmate labor in the community work squad program
    • Impediments to expanding programs and meaningful work opportunities

    Goal 2-6: To find and initiate partnerships with public or private agencies/organizations that will further fulfillment of the department's mission.

    • Participation in partnerships
  • Endnotes

Appendix 1:
Explanation of Significant Modifications to the Agency Strategic Plan for 1997-2002
Appendix 2:
Cross Reference Matrix : ASP Objectives and Strategies Related to Agency PBPB Programs and Measures.
Appendix 3:
Cross Reference Matrix: State Comprehensive Plan (CMP) Goals and Policies Related to ASP Critical Issues. Also included is information concerning SCP goals and policies not addressed in the department's critical issues, but which are being addressed as significant actions.
Appendix 4:
Cross Reference Matrix: ASP Goals and Objectives Related to Constitutional or Statutory Authority.
Appendix 5:
List of Statutes Constituting Legislative Authority for Department to Address Critical Issues and Bibliography Required by ASP Instructions.
Appendix 6:
Summarized Version of the Five Year Plan for Prison Construction.
Appendix 7:
Integration of Information Technology
The Department of Corrections Strategic Management Plan
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