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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


This Annual Progress Assessment is used to inform our primary stakeholders and interested readers on the department's efforts to achieve its goals and objectives declared in our 1997-2002 Agency Strategic Plan. Our executive leadership also uses it to analyze progress made on our priority issues, goals, and their supporting objectives. In addition, they evaluate the soundness of our strategic direction and make fact-based management decisions to enhance our continuous improvement efforts.

This progress report is directly related to our Agency Strategic Plan (ASP) through its identification with the priority issues and the goals and objectives contained in our 1997-2002 ASP and its presentation of the tremendous efforts made toward achieving our long range goals.

Under each priority issue, is a section titled "Progress Achieved," that succinctly summarizes the overall progress the agency has achieved for that particular issue. The information in the section titled "Progress Assessment" is derived from inputs submitted by the various offices having the lead responsibility for carrying out the ASP objectives and strategies. These compiled inputs describe progress toward the declared goal and objectives under each priority issue. Progress is made toward furthering the priority issue by accomplishment of the goal and specifically the objectives. Our ASP priority issues are continuous, vibrant, and dynamic components of our current and future operations, thus final closure may not occur. These issues will continue into the 21st Century.

The Department of Corrections met its goals and objectives for the January 30,1997 Agency Strategic Plan for 1997-2002 with special emphasis on our primary issue — public safety.

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