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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Issue 3: Effective Resource Acquisition and Use

GOAL: To obtain the financial resources and staffing patterns to manage the correctional system at optimal efficiency.

Progress Achieved

The department was moderately successful in obtaining effective financial resources, and staffing patterns to manage our correctional system. The department was able to support our needs via the Legislative Budget Request using data. However, Legislative priorities predominately focused on issues not involving corrections.

The department continues to assess its financial and staffing needs in an environment, which is currently stable as far as ensuring adequate operational resources for its institutions. Due to aggressive construction efforts and a lower projection of inmate population growth, adequate staffing exists for institutional operations except in locations where staff retention remains a concern. Community corrections staffing, on the other hand, remains a concern in light of significant statutory mandates which requires an increased level of monitoring of offenders in the community.

Objective 3-1:

By July 1, 1999, ensure that 100% of the strategic plan strategies that require additional resources are reflected in Legislative Budget Request (LBR) as prepared by the department.

Performance Assessment
  • We have linked planning and performance based program budgeting into a single process to ensure objectives and strategies are accounted for in the Legislative Budget Request. Furthermore, a position was established, in part, to create and maintain a database to incorporate Performance Based Program Budgeting measures into the Legislative Budget Request.

  • At the July 15, 1998, Executive Leadership Committee meeting, the Office of Administration presented the strategies for endorsement as LBR issues. These were finalized at the August 27, 1998 ELC meeting.

Objective 3-2:

By July 1, 2000, acquire funding for 100 percent of strategic plan strategies that require additional resources.

Performance Assessment
  • Continued progress is being made to increase the flow of data, studies and program evaluations to support informed departmental decision-making. During FY 97-98 the department's first Performance Based Program Budgeting Document was completed as well as program evaluations relating to Chaplaincy, Life Skills, and Pre-Work Release Transition Programs.

  • In 97/98, 29 grants with a value of over $36 million were administered. As of June 30, 1998, we were awaiting a reply on 6 grant applications with a value of over $386,000. An electronic system was implemented to track grant applications and awards, and to match potential funders with concept proposals consistent with the department's mission.

  • Efforts for obtaining grants for new and innovative programs in Community Corrections have resulted in:

Objective 3-3:

Implement department-wide performance-based budgeting by July 1, 1998 consistent with state law.

Performance Assessment
  • The department-wide performance-based budgeting initiative was implemented in June 1997, which received final approval in October 1997.

  • Performance-based budget request was submitted September 1, 1997. Measures included in the department's 1998-99 Appropriation.
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