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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Appendix 2

Information Technology Development Management

The technology innovations addressed in this agency strategic plan are listed by each of the two major issues. The specific goal/objective they relate to is designated at the end in parenthesis. Also, of these initiatives, those that affect more than one agency, have outcomes impacting another agency, or exceed $500,000 in total cost over one year are identified.

ISSUE 1: Enhance Public Safety By Effectively Incarcerating Inmates And Supervising Offenders In The Community.

Developing Technology

  • The computerized security staff utilization system also called roster management program. (1-1.1D)
  • Offender/inmate check-in/out system at community control centers. (1-1.1E)
  • A system to monitor movement and location of inmates throughout the prison compound. (1-1.1F)
  • The Inmate Disruption Index quantifies/predicts the identification of potential disruptive inmates. (1-1.3D)
  • The Automated Classification Management & Evaluation System (ACMES) is an integrated system that automates all core inmate classification processes. (1-1.1D & 1-1.3C)
    • Four ACMES's systems are completed: Risk and Needs System; Integrated Assessment and Placement System (IAPS); Automated Discipline and Integrated Offender System (ADIOS); Classification Contact Log (including critical case management log).
    • Nine of ACMES's systems are developing systems:
      • Custody Assessment and Reclassification System (CARS) enhances objectivity of the custody determination system.
      • Work and Program Assignment System (AWAPS) automates the inmate screening for work and program placement.
      • Transition Assistance and Referral System automates the transition assistance program, featuring a computerized community resources referral directory.
      • Progress Report System computerizes periodic inmate reviews; automates transfer recommendations and key inmate progress recommendations.
      • Close Management Report System automates placement and periodic reviews of violent/disruptive inmates.
      • Protective Management System automates the assessment, placement, and periodic review of inmates needing protection.
      • Confinement System is automates assessment, placement, and periodic review of inmates placed in administrative or disciplinary confinement.
      • Visitation System computerizes the developing of visitors lists and tracking visitation contacts. (1-1.3F)
      • Performance Excellence Results System tracks the key indicators of ACMES performance to meet management goals.
    • There is one developing compatibility system:
      • Integration of ACMES with Probation and Parole systems will merge the systems that are complementary for institutional and community corrections management.
  • Automated offender needs assessment system. (1-2.1C)
  • Probation Officer Workstation cases management system. (1-2.2D)
More Than One Agency Involvement
  • ACMES Transition Assistance and Referral System will involve the Department of Labor and Employment Security and the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Outcomes Impacting Another Agency
  • None.
Exceeds $500,000 Over One Year
  • None.
ISSUE 2: Enhance The Ability Of Inmates And Offenders To Become Productive Members Of Society.
  • There are no Technology innovations in this issue.
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