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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

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Managing the Future
The Florida Department of Corrections

Strategic Plan

February 2, 1999

Michael W. Moore

Table of Contents

Vision, Values, Mission
Executive Summary

Issue 1: Enhance Public Safety by Effectively Incarcerating Inmates and Supervising Offenders in the Community

    Goal 1-1: Operate Safe And Secure Institutions

    Goal 1-2: Supervise Offenders Safely and Effectively in the Community

    Goal 1-3: Provide Constitutionally Mandated Inmate Quality Health Care Through Cost-Effective Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Treatment

    Goal 1-4: Enhance Technology Use to Improve the Inmate Incarceration and Offender Supervision

    Goal 1-5: Educate the Public on Correctional Management and Public Safety Issues


Issue 2: Enhance the Ability of Inmates and Offenders To Become Productive Members of Society

    Goal 2-1: Maximize Correctional Cost-Savings and Cost Avoidance for State Taxpayers

    Goal 2-2: Improve the Positive Community Reintegration of Inmates Through Educational, Specialized, and Transitional Programs

    Goal 2-3:Improve the Socialization of Offenders Through Community-Based Programs that Support a Positive Community Reintegration


Appendix 1:
Changes To Last Year's 1998-2003 Agency Strategic Plan
Appendix 2:
Information Technology Development Management
Appendix 3:
Cross Reference Matrix: State Comprehensive Plan (SCP) Goals and Policies Related to ASP Critical Issues
Appendix 4:
Cross Reference Matrix of Agency Strategic Plan (ASP) Issues, Goals, and Objectives with the Agency's Official Performance Ledger
Appendix 5:
Cross Reference Matrix: ASP Goals and Objectives Related to Constitutional or Statutory Authority
Appendix 6:
Executive Summary of the Five-Year Plan for Prison Construction
Appendix 7:
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