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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Imperative II: Ensure the Safety of Department Personnel

The Florida Department of Corrections considers maintaining safe, secure and supportive work environments for all employees an uncompromising priority. Addressing the needs of the “whole person” is key to a professional and safe environment and will require that issues such as domestic violence and workplace-induced stress be targeted.

Given the agency’s belief that our employees are our greatest resource, the Department is committed to reducing domestic and family violence incidences involving Department employees. Awareness campaigns, statewide training and access to supportive employee assistance programs focus on the destructive, costly and sometimes deadly impact that domestic and family violence has on safety in the workplace and community. This imperative also addresses issues relating to staff safety in the workplace as well as physical security in the correctional environment.

Goal 1: Ensure the safety of staff against harm by others

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Rates of inmate/offender assaults on staff
  2. Annual turnover rates of department staff overall and in specified occupational categories in the department
  3. Number of statewide awareness campaigns and employee training offerings
  4. Ratings on national professional standards for security based on physical security and mission requirements of the facilities
  5. Ratings on Department security audit and operational review standards

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Reduce the rate of inmate/offender on staff assaults requiring outside medical care by 5 % on an annual basis from a baseline rate of 3.2 assaults per 10,000 inmates for FY 2008-2009.
  2. Decrease turnover rates for correctional officers and staff in all occupational categories by 3 % above the 2009 levels Department-wide.
  3. Beginning July 1, 2010, increase the number of ongoing statewide awareness campaigns and raining
    opportunities addressing workplace-induced stress and domestic violence.
  4. Achieve 100 % of all relevant American Correctional Association (ACA) mandatory standards necessary to maintain ACA accreditation.
  5. On an annual basis, institutions will meet all compliance requirements with the Department’s security standards relevant to staff safety as determined by Department audits and operational reviews.

Goal 2: Ensure staff safety within Department facilities

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Maintenance in institutional infrastructure, physical plant security features, and fleet
  2. Number of Department accident//incident rates
  3. Number of Department workers’ compensation claims

Strategic Objectives:

  1. At the institutional level, maintain fully functional institutional infrastructure, physical plant security features, and fleet to ensure institutional safety.
  2. Annually reduce the number of Department accident/incident rates by 10 % from a baseline rate of 14.48 per 100 full-time staff as of January 1, 2009.
  3. Annually reduce the number of Department workers’ compensation claims and related financial settlements by 10 % from a baseline rate of 4, 302 claims as of January 1, 2009.
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