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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

State of Florida, Report Title, and CO/CPO Badges

Agency Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Secretary's Message

Any sound strategic plan must be dynamic, focusing all organizational activities toward accomplishing its mission. For the Florida Department of Corrections, the Strategic Plan focuses the organization’s activities on accomplishing its priorities and provides direction to ensure continual progress over the years.

Properly focused, the strategic plan supports an organizational culture that adheres to fundamental values and principles that guide the agency’s operations as well as the efficient and effective use of all available resources. In a climate of environmental and organizational change, the strategic plan serves as the compass that aligns the department’s many interacting elements. It sets the direction and standards for recruitment and promotion systems, leadership development, educational advancement and professional training for all employees. It provides the central framework for the agency’s official policies, documents and operations.

Finally, the strategic plan serves as a blueprint for cultivating a servant-leadership culture committed to the professional and personal growth and development of every employee serving the agency while also providing services and programs to ensure the successful reentry of offenders to our Florida communities and their families. The plan supports a professional culture and mindset among corrections staff and leads to developing and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships with government agencies, public and private institutions and service providers to meet our public safety mission.

Our Strategic Plan is a dynamic and integral tool for achieving our vision to make Florida’s Department of Corrections a world model of effective and innovative correctional practices. We are prepared to play a leading role in meeting the challenges facing Florida. Each person in our agency envisions a leadership role in public safety committed to professionalism, innovative correctional strategies and evidence-based correctional practices.

As members of the Florida Department of Corrections,

We Never Walk Alone.

Walter A. McNeil

Plan Contents

See also the Printed Version of the Strategic Plan
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