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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


The Florida Department of Corrections currently incarcerates over 101,000 inmates and supervises over 155,000 offenders under supervision. As the largest state agency in Florida, the Department’s 27,000 employees serve a critical need in society. Florida’s citizens depend upon the skills, integrity, loyalty and commitment of orrections professionals. The public expects the Department to protect public safety in compliance with federal and state law.

The Department of Corrections is committed to protecting the public, staff and those in its care, custody and control by fostering an organizational environment that promotes a servant-leadership culture. The organizational culture ensures public safety through professionalism, the growth of individuals, ethical standards, accountability, building community and individual and collective integrity. To that end, the purpose of the Florida Department of Corrections’ strategic plan is to chart the course for the Department over the next five-year period. The strategic plan focuses on addressing mission-critical imperatives through evidenced-based practices, systems and continual assessment.

As a future-oriented framework, the strategic plan presents seven strategic imperatives. The imperatives are overarching critical strategies necessary for the Department to meet its mission, comply with statutory requirements and maintain public trust. They establish the guideposts that will help focus agency priorities, decision-making, programs, practices and infrastructures.

Imperative I:
Ensure the Safety of the Public
Imperative II:
Ensure the Safety of Department Personnel
Imperative III:
Provide for the Appropriate Care and Supervision of Inmates Under the Departmentís Jurisdiction
Imperative IV:
Provide for the Appropriate Supervision of All Offenders in the Community
Imperative V:
Ensure Inmates and Offenders are Prepared for Successful Reentry into Communities Statewide
Imperative VI:
Cultivate a Servant-Leadership Organizational Culture that Sustains Professionalism and Succession at All Levels of the Agency
Imperative VII:
Optimize Organizational Performance
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