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Julie L. Jones, Secretary

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Chaplaincy Services

Attached you will find a copy of the Chaplaincy Services report on inmate participation rates for Chaplaincy programs. I want to express appreciation to all of those who contributed to this effort. A true joint effort made these figures available. A special thank you is appropriate to Bureau Chief, Dr. William Bales and the Bureau of Research and Data Analysis. Brian Hays, Angela Nathaniel, and Dr. John L. Lewis (Program Data Analysis Section, Bureau of Research and Data Analysis) provided excellent technical assistance in utilizing the information in the Offender Based Information System and continued their cooperation in this report by offering editorial and revision recommendations.

Richard Nimer, Director and Bernard Cohen, Deputy Director of the Office of Program, Transition and Post-release Services encourage statistical reporting and thorough data collection as part of effective evaluation. Their consistent encouragement was central to the completion of this report, which is intended to be a tool for assessment of religious program interest among inmates. It may also be applied to evaluation of individual Chaplaincy programs.

This report is a compilation of information retrieved from the institutional Chaplains. We are continuing to collect this information through monthly reports that are retrieved electronically via the Internet. Chaplain Harold Allison guided the pilot project where the data retrieval tool was developed and tested at six institutions across the State. Chaplain Douglas Gingerich took over the project in the fall of 2001 and has diligently encouraged the field to submit accurate reports. Additionally, Chaplain Gingerich put together numerous charts of trends and statistics, many of which are included in this report. The narrative was co-written and edited by Dr. William Smith and Chaplain Alex Taylor.

Ch. Alex Taylor
Chaplaincy Services Administrator

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