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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Released Inmates

A total of 10,233 inmates that were included in the original measurement group were released in FY 2001-02. Sixty three and seven tenths percent of those inmates did not attend any chapel programs; their recommitment rate through December 31, 2004 was 22.1%. Five hundred eight inmates (5%) did attend over 10 chapel programs a month and they recommitted at a rate of 16.3% which is a relative percentage difference of 26% less than those who did not attend any chapel programs. The inmates who attended 4-9 chapel programs a month re-offended at a relative percentage difference of 18% less than those who did not attend chapel programs.

Attendance Original group1 Total I/m Released Percentage Released2 Recommitted Recommitment Rate

0 Times

23,334 6,520 27.9% 1,443 22.1%

1-3 Times

5,074 2,101 41.4% 450 21.4%

4-9 Times

2,577 1,104 42.8% 200 18.1%

Over 10 Times

1,197 508 42.4% 83 16.3%







1These numbers are derived from averaging each category over the 3-month original measurement period in 2001.
2When this percentage was calculated for released inmates from each category, it appears that inmates with any program participation were released at a higher frequency than inmates who had no participation. The reason for this is not known at this time. One explanation is that inmates nearing release dates may choose to attend religious activities more frequently.

Recommitment Rate by Frequency of
Program Participation

Chart 4 reflects that inmates who attended 10 or more chapel programs a month received a DR at far less than half the rate of those who did not attend any services (3.9 versus 9.4).

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