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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Supervision Programs

Supervision Programs

In FY 2001- 02, 32,426 offenders participated in community substance abuse treatment programs.

Of these, 5,573 (17.2%) participated in residential treatment programs (Nonsecure and Secure) and 26,853 (82.8%) participated in outpatient treatment programs.

For FY 1999-00 (last year of data availability), based on a two-year follow-up to initial program entry, 2,148 of the 3,659 offenders enrolled in residential programs (58.7%) and 10,312 of the 16,933 offenders enrolled in nonresidential programs (60.9%) successfully completed the program (excludes enrollments with administrative exits).

Offenders Enrolled

Program During Month Last Day of Month
Academic and Vocational 772 703
Residential Substance Abuse 2,248 1,886
Outpatient Substance Abuse 10,282 8,927
Total 13,302 11,516

Program Completions

Program During Month FY to Date
Academic and Vocational 39 474
Residential Substance Abuse 195 1,590
Outpatient Substance Abuse 678 8,316
Total 912 10,380

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