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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Three inmates sitting at student desks while another talks to the instructor.

Inmate Programs

There were 40,359 work and program assignments available for the 60,436 inmates that were available to work on June 30, 2003. That is, 66.8% of the available inmate population had meaningful work or program opportunities.

Inmates Enrolled

Program During Month Last Day of Month
Academic 5,434 4,260
Vocational 2,352 1,968
Substance Abuse Treatment 1,337 1,121
Transition Program 4,809 2,689
Total 13,932 10,038

Program Completions

Program During
Fiscal Year
to Date
Mandatory Academic Education Program 94 163
GEDs Earned 39 100
Vocational Certificates 134 490
Substance Abuse Treatment 112 246
Transition Program 1,966 3,671
Total 2,345 4,670

  • Number of vocational programs with employment partnerships on the last day of the month: 13

  • Percent of required* average daily attendance during the month (August 2003):
    Academic=123%; Vocational=125%

*Required for Academic Classes=
18 students per day

*Required for Vocational Classes=
15 students per day

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