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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


The original work on this document began in 1995 and the Operational Plan for Female Offenders was approved by the Department of Corrections in 1996. Special thanks are extended to the following authors who assisted in the revision of the current document:

Rini Bartlett
Ginny Grimsley, Ph.D.
Evelyn Ploumis-Devick, Ph.D.
Anne Holt
Jason Huntsman

Many individuals have contributed ideas and suggestions and are committed to the design of a plan that provides a framework addressing the unique needs of the female offenders. These individuals accomplished a difficult task with compassion, integrity and efficiency. Appreciation also is extended to the numerous field staff and managers who reviewed and commented on the final draft of this volume.

Much appreciation goes to Jennie Lancaster, Regional Director of the North Carolina Department of Corrections for her continued support and assistance.


The Florida Department of Corrections envisions a pro-active role in providing leadership and direction for an integrated, comprehensive array of programs and services to meet the needs of female offenders. The quality and seamless delivery of programs and services provided will permit offenders to become self-reliant, self-sufficient, and productive contributors to society. Recognizing that the separation of children from their mothers can be one of the severest punishments that children suffer, the department will support the development and maintenance of programs that foster positive family relationships during incarceration and throughout the female offenders' transition back into society.


The mission of the Female Offender Program Unit is to design and facilitate equitable and gender-specific services and programs for female offenders in correctional institutions and community corrections.

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