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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Female Facilities

As of September 2001, the Florida Department of Corrections currently operates for female offenders

  • five major institutions including a youthful offender facility
    (Gadsden Correctional Institution is contractual)
  • six work release centers (two contractual)
  • one forestry camp (Florida Correctional Institution)
  • one boot camp (Florida Correctional Institution

Prior to April 1956, female offenders were located at Florida State Prison (known today as Union Correctional Institution, a male prison), where they were housed individually on unit wings of a cell block. In April 1956, the first female institution designed to house females was opened at Lowell Correctional Institution in Lowell.


Dade CI-Women Florida City 553 717
Hernando CI Brooksville 459 453
Gadsden CI Quincy 800 890
Lowell CI Main Lowell 765 819
  Jones Boot Camp Lowell 28 22
  Levy Forestry Bronson 292 290
Broward CI Pembroke Pines 532 746
Pine Hills WRC Orlando 40 41
Atlantic WRC West Palm Beach 40 45
Pinellas WRC Clearwater 40 43
Shisa House West Tallahassee 25 25
Shisa House East Jacksonville 28 26
Hollywood Pre-Work Release Center Ft. Lauderdale 108 113
*North Florida Reception Center Lake Butler N/A 1
*South Florida Reception Center Miami N/A 2
*Citrus County Jail   N/A 11
TOTAL   4,244
*These facilities have the capacity to handle specialized services for female offenders, i.e. mental illness

LOWELL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION, WOMEN'S UNIT, a major institution, supervises the operation of Levy Forestry Camp (located 30 miles away) and a boot camp (located separately from the main unit). The Main Unit and CAMP Jones Basic Training Program are located ten miles north of Ocala on SR 25-A. The mailing address is

Lowell Correctional Institution, Women's Unit
POB 147, Lowell, Florida 32663-0147
Phone: 352-622-5151, SC 653-1420, FAX 352-622-5151

FY 2000-01

Date Opened 1956 1988 1997
Population Type Adult, Youthful, and Pregnant Females Adult Female Youthful Female
Population Capacity 765 292 28
Security Level Community, Minimum, Medium, Close Community, Minimum, Medium Community, Minimum
Facility Type Open Bay and Room Housing Open Bay Housing Room Housing
PRIDE Industries Garment    
Academic Adult Basic Ed/GED Prep, Literacy, (Mandatory and Voluntary), Special Ed ABE/GED, Mandatory Literacy ABE/GED,
Special Ed
Vocational Cosmetology, PC Support Services, Fashion Design, and Production Drafting     
Substance Abuse Programs Mod. 1, 100 slots;Alt. Mod. 1, 20 slots    Tier I
15 slots


BROWARD CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION opened in 1977 and was originally designed as a 300-bed male institution. Broward became a close custody facility that houses females who need closer supervision and management, including death row offenders. The institution is located 1¼ miles north of Hollywood/Pines Boulevard, which is west of Ft. Lauderdale on US 27. The mailing address is:

Broward Correctional Institution
P. O. Box 829503
South Florida, Florida 33082
Ph. (954) 252-6500, SC 430-6501, FAX (954) 680-4168

DADE CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION opened in 1976 and was originally designed as a 300-bed male, minimum custody institution. Shortly after its inception, the institution was changed to handle medium and close custody offenders. In 1998, the institution became a male youthful offender facility. On October 1999, the facility was converted to a female institution, housing all levels of custody to include close management offenders.

The institution is located approximately thirty (30) miles south of Miami, in the extreme southern part of Florida adjacent to the Everglades National Park.

Dade Correctional Institution
19000 S.W.377 Street
Florida City, Florida 33-34
Ph. (305) 242-1700, SC 778-1700, FAX (305) 242-1881


GADSDEN CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION, a private facility owned by United States Corrections Corporation and converted to a female institution in 1995. The institution is located approximately 3 miles west of Quincy off Highway 90 on County Road 12.

Gadsden Correctional Institution
P. O. Box 390
Quincy, Florida 32353-0390
Ph. (850) 875-9701, FAX 850 875-9710

HERNANDO CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION opened in 1952 as a road prison for males. In 1992, it expanded and became a drug treatment/work camp. On October 1, 1996, the facility became a major institution housing 459 male inmates. On August 1, 1999, the facility was converted to a youthful female institution (the first youthful female institution in the state). The institution is located on the West Coast of Florida, 10 miles south of Brooksville and 40 miles north of Tampa.

Hernando Correctional Institution
16415 Spring Hill Drive
Brooksville, Florida 34609-8167
Phone: (352) 754-6715 SunCom: 663-6715
FAX: (352) 544-2307 SunCom: 663-2307



Date Opened 1977 1999 1995 1999
Population Type Adult Female Adult Female Adult Female Youthful & Adult Female
Population Capacity 611 553 896 459
Security Level Community, Minimum, Medium, Close, Maximum Community, Minimum, Medium, Close Community, Minimum, Medium Community, Minimum, Medium
Facility Type Open Bay, Cell, and Room Housing Open Bay and Room Housing Open Bay Housing Open Bay and Room Housing
PRIDE/PIE Industries Optical Lab   None None
Academic   Adult Basic Ed/GED Prep,Mandatory Literacy, Special Ed Adult Basic Ed/GED Prep, Mandatory Literacy, Special Ed Adult Basic Ed./GED Prep, Mandatory Literacy Adult Basic Ed/GED Prep, Mandatory Literacy, Special Ed
Vocational   PC Support Svcs., Fashion Design and Production, Commercial Arts Technology Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts, Electronic Technology, Autotronics/Auto Tech., DCT Carpentry, Environmental Horticulture, Nail Technology, PC Support Svcs., Environmental Svcs., Data Entry Digital Publishing, DCT
Substance Abuse Programs Mod. 3, 40 slots; Mod. 1, 40 slots; Co-occuring Disorders, 45 slots Mod. 2, 45 slots Tier I, 50 slots; Mod. 1, 50 slots; Mod. 2, 169 slots Mod. 1, 70 slots; Mod 2, 66 slots

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