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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Gang Basics

To gain an understanding of Florida's and the Department of Corrections' approach to gangs and security threat groups one needs to answer these questions:

    Why did the Florida Legislature address the criminal street gang issue?

    What is a criminal gang?

    Who is a criminal gang member?

    When we talk about the gang and security threat group subculture, what are the main gang categories or influences?

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If you care to research the answers yourself here is the document you will need:

Criminal Gang Enforcement and Prevention, Chapter 874, Florida Statutes.

In October 1990, the American Correctional Association conducted a study entitled Gangs in Correctional Facilities. They found street gang violence is increasing, resulting in increased inmate involvement in gangs within prisons and jails. There is no doubt that Florida's prison system is a reflection of its communities.

Answering these questions will initiate a basic understanding of gangs and security threat groups in Florida's correctional setting:

    Why is there a Security Threat Group Management program in the Department of Corrections?

    What is a Security Threat Group (STG)?

    Why do we call them STGs?

    How does the STG member certification process work?

    Can I get information about a specific inmate's gang involvement?

The next page provides these answers.

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