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Florida Department of Corrections
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Street Gangs — Chicago Based or Influenced

People Nation Identifiers

Graphic showing 13 of the common People Nation symbols.
Symbols are: crown; staff; crescent; dice; number 5; spanish cross; cholo; pyramid; glove; five point star; champagne glass; and bunny head.

Members of People Nation sets are known to use these symbols:

Example of 5 pointed star used by People Nation.
Five-point star and Champagne Glass
Example of 5-pointed Crown
Five-point crown example (from tattoo)
Example of the number 5 over a crown.
The number 5
Sketch of pyramid, moon, and star.
Sketch of cane and top hat.
Cane and Top Hat
Sketch of crecent moon and star.
Crescent Moons

Sketch showing person with left identifiers.

In addition to these symbols, the People Nation groups also use left identifiers. For example they:

  • Form their hand signs with the left hand.
  • Wear their hats cocked or tilted to the left.
  • Roll up the left pant leg.
  • May untie the left shoe.
  • They rest their hand in the left pocket.
  • Wear jewelry to the left.

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