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Street Gangs — Chicago Based or Influenced

Folk Nation Identifiers

Examples of Folk Nation Identifiers.
Symbols are: Winged heart; devil's horns; dice; number 6; backwards swasticka; bent ear bunny head; sword; devil's tail; six point star; and pitch fork.

Members of Folk Nation sets use these symbols:

Example of pitchfork tatoo.
Pitchfork (from tattoo)
6-pointed star
The 6-Pointed Star of David is predominant amongst Folks more than any other symbol. The star in part pays homage to Black Disciples founder David Barksdale.
Sketch of heart with wings and crown.
Heart or heart with wings (from tattoo)
Trash can decorated with Folk symbols.
Heart with horns and devil's tail
Sketch of six pointed star with number 6 in center.
The number 6
BOS graffiti
BOS or BOSS (Brothers of the Struggle or Brothers of the Strong Struggle)
Drawing with various Folk Nation symbols  

Folk Nation group members use right identifiers to distinguish themselves from the People Nation groups. Right identification is displayed by the following:

  • Wearing articles of clothing to the right, such as caps, bandannas, and belt buckles.
  • Wearing jewelry to the right.
  • Rolling up the right pant leg.

Sketch of person with right identifiers.

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