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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Los Angeles-based Gangs — Bloods and Crips


The Los Angeles (LA)-based Bloods and Crips are probably the most widely recognized gangs in America due to the media exposure received in the 1980's. These groups have migrated throughout the country and are seen in most states and their prison populations. There are literally hundreds of sets or individual gangs under the main Blood and Crip names. They are no longer racially specific.

Photo showing hand signs.
Crip Handsign

In Florida, the presence of the Chicago-based Folk Nation and People Nation is so prevalent, that the Crips and Bloods have developed allies under these alliances. Bloods traditionally align themselves with the People Nation and Crips with the Folk Nation. This alignment may vary for local jurisdictions due to competition for drug territory or violence against one another.

Photo of extensive tattos.
Crip Tattooing

These alignments are often communicated in their graffiti.

Photo of eight ball tattoo.
Eight ball tattoo.

There are, however, areas of the country where Crips and Folk groups such as the Black Gangster Disciples are in competition for the drug trade and thus, are rivals. This is illustrated in their graffiti by use of the "eight ball." If the "eight ball" is drawn or displayed intact, then the sets are aligned. If it is cracked or drawn through, there is dissension among the groups. The "eight ball" is significant because when you bring the hand sign for the Crips and the 'pitchfork' hand sign together it forms an 8-ball.

Facts - Bloods

  • Originated in South California to defend against the Crips
  • Generally align with People Nation sets
  • Identifiers/symbols:
    • the color red
    • red bandannas or rags
    • the word "Piru" (the original Blood gang)
    • crossed out "C" in words as disrespect for Crips
    • other disrespectful anti-Crip graffiti
Sketch of face and words Blood Love. Graffiti of the word Piru

Facts - Crips

  • Originated in Los Angeles in the late 60s
  • Migrated throughout the United States
  • Generally align with Folk Nation sets
  • Extremely violent
  • Multiracial
  • Identifiers/symbols:
    • the color blue
    • blue bandannas and rags
    • use the letter "c" in place of "b" in writing in disrespect for Bloods
    • calling each other "Cuzz"
    • calling themselves "Blood Killas" (BK)
    • wearing British Knight (BK) tennis shoes
Crips graffiti Crips graffiti Graffiti of the word CRIP

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